[BLANK_AUDIO] This month, after a crushing defeat in the presidential election, Hillary Clinton is reportedly considering a run, wait for it, for mayor of New York City. Reports, yes, reports say her team is currently gauging interest in the Clinton come back. And Clinton herself recently hinted at the same event saying quote, I'm ready to come out of the woods and shine a light on what's already happening around kitchen tables at dinner like this to really help draw strength to enable everyone to keep going. Panelists I got to get your thought on this, is this a good move for Hillary to run for Mayor of New York city? Or should she just go back in the woods? [LAUGH] And stay there. Let's see if you're slaying or shading it. Can we lift up your cards, let's see. Slayed, slayed, slayed, shade. Why I always gotta be the bad guy? You always [CROSSTALK] I think so too. We're gonna start with you, cuz you're clearly, yes. No, listen, I'm all for the women empowerment and everything else like that. I feel bad that she didn't win the election. But it If you go up, and lose this Mayor. But do you think she'll really lose the Mayor? People of New York like her. We didn't think she was going to lose the Presedential either. That's true, Sharon. Here's the thing, by the way I love Hillary's whole new swag that she has. The new hairstyle, she seems to be re-energized. I think she would win if she made a bid for mayor. She would win at the end of the day. I think New York would love that. I don't think she's gonna do it, though. At the end of the end, she is used to running national politics, international, Secretary of State. A run for the White House is very different To a run for Gracy mansion, very very different. That's valid. At the end of the day I don't think she's gonna wanna run. She was a senator for a while right? She was the senator, exactly. It might be a step back. So, maybe at the state level but not the local level. Not the local level? I don't see it. Wouri Vice. I don't know, Hillary likes to be empowered and at this point I think that being the mayor of New York is a big thing. And I think that she would just really be excited to have a position. I would be excited to have her as a mayor because we probably gain some of our city back. New York has gotten in it's way through our past two mayors. Yeah. Present one included. And I don't know, she might be able to help us get what we need back. Well, either way, we'll be- Get some of our swag back. I agree, either way, we'll be watching. It sounds like we're all excited. Kayla, what are the folks on Facebook saying? ell people are showing her love, so So people are ready for whatever she has in the works. Gloria Sykes says, go Hillary, keep hope alive. Vanessa Wright says, go Hillary, believe in you. Karma Chani says, Essence Live, no one cares about Hillary. So where's Bernie? So not everyone's showing her love, but [LAUGH] Wait a minute, we love Hillary. We can love Bernie, too, right? Yes, we can. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. We love you, Hillary. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Mar, 22, 2017

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