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ESSENCE.COM Feb, 21, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] I'm Christina Coleman, and today on Essence Live Keyshia Cole dishes on her new documentary and love life. We're talking with the Oscar nominated black woman editor behind Moonlight. And get your Twitter fingers ready, because Slayed or Shade is back. But right now these are the biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] Black woman unbothered by the police a photo series. That's the caption of powerful tweet by film maker Matthew Cherry posted just in time for Black History month. The photos show black women at different times through history, coming face to face with police officers during times of resistance. There's this protester, facing down officers in Baton Rouge after the murder of Alton Sterling. This woman, whose expression says, you better get that gun outta my face. And this sister who is definitely unbothered as she takes a smoke. Even Common had to shout her out. He tweeted, this is how you face adversity, #Ineedtofindouthername. [MUSIC] Another day, another alternative fact. Despite numerous accounts to the contrary, President Trump is sticking to his story that Sweden suffered more crime after admitting refugees and immigrants. But here's the problem, 45, even Sweden doesn't know what you're talking about. The country's Prime Minister, Carl Bildt, came with the receipts. Bildt tweeted last year there were approximately 50% more murders in Florida, where Trump spoke the other day. Than in all of Sweden. Bad. And according to Reuters, crime rates in Sweden have actually decreased since 2005. So there's that. [MUSIC] And surely by now, you've seen this video. How many times did you cheat on me? Probably I don't know. If you had to say. I wasn't counting. [BLANK_AUDIO] Child, now Kourtney Jorge, the woman featured in the viral [UNKNOWN] video, has spoken exclusively with Essence about why she wanted to confront her ex about his infidelity. She told us, at the time, I felt like it was important for me to know the truth about everything To finally get to the bottom of it, get closure and try to move on. So I've embraced #hurtbae and look forward to empowering more women in similar situations. So what do you think? Does watching someone confront a cheater make you feel empower to do the same? Or is this whole thing just sad? Use the hash tag essencelive to send us your comments because we're talking about it in slade or shade next. It's Tuesday February 21st and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Live where news, entertainment, and lifestyle topics for black women come first. Hey girl, hey. I'm Christina Coleman, news and culture editor for Remember, we always want to hear from you. Use hashtag essence live or email us at essence live at essence dot com if you want to come on the show to sound off on topics. And speaking of buzz worthy topics, it's time for a little slayed or shade. Joining me today are comedian Chloe Hilliard Essence Digital Producer Whitney Gaspard, and stiletto expert and reality TV star, Rah Ali. Welcome to the show everyone. Thanks for having us. So, as mentioned in the hot list, this Hurt Bae video Though has been lighting up everyone's timelines. The woman featured in the video told Essence exclusively that, although she's now happy and in a new relationship, she initially did the video about infidelity with the hope of finding closure and empowering women. But considering how unbothered her ex-boyfriend looks in the video and how distraught she appears, you know she cried and she walked off set, did the video really accomplish Anything. panelists What say you? Did the HurtBae video leave you feeling empowered or is the whole thing just bad? On the count of three. [LAUGH] Slayed or shade? I can't wait. You really Okay, I'm gonna start with Chloe because she was ready. I was so ready. Ready. First of all, I don't even know why she would go and put herself in a situation and not be super cute. Like, you're seeing your ex-boyfriend, that high ponytail bun should've been slayed, honey. That's a shade right there. You always gotta look good in front of your ex. Why you do her like that? No, because you gotta let him feel the heat, okay? That's true. That little squiggly part in the back. [LAUGH] She got up and left. No, baby, fix your edges, come back, and **** his face off, that's what you're supposed to do. Okay, okay. Always look good for your ex. So we doing a shade for them baby hairs. Okay, Whitney? I think it was shade because That was sad, and she looked like a little pathetic. And I thought, yes, I did, and we've all gone through it, but we don't all wanna show it out to the world, and let everybody see how, you know, sad and broken we are, girl, you gonna come back when, you know, you got it together, you real strong, you know, you talk to him, you're just like. okay, you was cheating the whole time? Okay. Okay, okay. Right. And Rah, why did you, you had the shade too. Yeah, I had the shade. I think ultimately for me what it was is, I'd like to have seen her have a voice for women as a whole and to kind of be the voice for us when you are confronting your ex to get answers for some of the things that he's done and she's Seemed really pitiful. She reminded me of that weak little girl in a corner who didn't have a voice. So I don't understand what the purpose was of confronting him if she was just going to sizzle out and just cry and walk away. You had your time to cry. You said when you went by his place He told you to leave. Girl. Girl. You go back to your place because you had your chance. Girl, this is the thing, they are a college couple. And 99.999% of college couples are not real. I'm sorry, that's rare. Okay, girl, that's a whole 'nother conversation for a whole 'nother day. [LAUGH] The thing is they're having Super adult emotions for a college relationship. Yeah. Mm-hm. If you gotta put a sock on the knob, it's not a real relationship. Yeah, this is true. [LAUGH] Okay, so that was a unanimous decision, but what are the Internets saying? Kayla let us know. Shade, shade left and right. [LAUGH] Charmaine Johnson says, he's cold-hearted. Rena Gordon say his a liar and narcissist. Parlin Lion say his a weak man and I hope he heal from it. Doesn't define her life. This is a real, this is not a Roman. I did find one Sherman Health. He said why hate him when he is being honest. So I did find one who was trying to- But he was honest a little too late though. Yeah. Right. We talking about years late, right? Right. Girl, boy. But, he wasnt, you know what bothered me the most about the entire thing? Is when she said, I've forgiven you, and he said, why, because he hadn't even asked for forgiveness. No, he didn't think he did anything wrong. Girl, we gotta move on to the next story because I see this is After the show. Moving on to our next story, BET's new scripted drama about HBCU life, The Quad, is getting some backlash from actual HBCUs. Hampton President William Harvey has penned an open letter to BET's Deborah [BACKGROUND MUSIC] Saying the show does more damage than good. He wrote in part, the quad lead many to believe that the HBCUs exist because of their marching bands, that our boards are dysfunctional and have misplaced priorities, that our faculty, students and administrators are driven by sex alcohol, marijuana, and low self-esteem, parties, and a pre-occupation with music." BT's Deborah Lee has since responded saying basically that the show is fiction. So panelists, weigh in. What are you slaying or shading in this story? Rob, we got a little Slade here. So who are you Slading here? I think that he made an excellent point. I think that's it great that he's standing up first of all for our people, for our alumnis and saying this is not what African American Colleges represent. I mean, because Women like myself, I didn't go to college.When you watch, a show or something like that and you see, this is a representation. It's like when you watch the news and you see only black people or killing, or killing each other in violence or you see excuse me, only white people has shoot in up school, it plants a seed. So, if he doesnt feel like this is a representation of. what his schools presents. He should stand up and Deborah is reasonable. She can take it into consideration and, you know, I think it's great. Okay. So, slayed. Whitney, you gave a little shade. I think shade. I didn't go to HBCU, so I don't know anything about, you know, how people might feel who've gone there, but Where were they when Drumline came out? Drumline had the same theme's if not worse. And people were not protesting Drumline, everybody was in the theaters, bringing their aunties, their uncles, their cousins. Like, no I'm not here for it, it's just a show. And its just a show. Taking it too sensitive. That's the problem, I think a lot of times when it comes to black entertainment, we feel like, its need to be a manner lift,like this has to represent the positive things about black people, and we're diverse. They're good and bad in everybody and am. I took issue with the fact that he raised an issue that the president of a college is a woman and she's having sex. Like can we get it in? I'm making my coin, can I have some fun? Kayla, what are people saying on the Internet? We did have one comment from Darlene Pierce, she said she saw the movie Drumline and hated it for the same reasons, and so not everyone kind of sees it that way. All right, okay, so we're gonna go to our third topic, finally President Trump visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture in D.C. today Vowing to fight bigotry and unite our quote, divided country. Now to say Trump has a very checkered past in reaching out to black people is an understatement to say the least. This is the same man who tried to discredit the Central Park Five even after they were exonerated claiming that we all live in inner cities and tried to get the black vote by asking, what do you have to lose? Remember that? But, to play devil's advocate could his visiting the museum finally be a step in the right directions in improving relations with our community, or it's just his more talk. Calculated. [LAUGH] Okay, on the count of three slade or shade? [MUSIC] I'm sort of like. Okay I gotta start with Whitney, cuz Whitney's in between. I'm gonna scoot over. Yeah, you might. In between, listen, this is not Trump's idea. This is Amorosa's idea, and so Amorosa is slaying right now because she's getting the president of the United States even though we don't wanna say it forty five is going to the museum. It's shade because we all know it's not genuine. But it's bringing light, there are tons of people now that are going to see this agent orange. Going [INAUDIBLE] to that museum and might wanna check it out. I hate to say, but it's true. For some people this might be significant. Okay, and Chloe? I hope the spirits of the ancestors **** his soul. Up outta that body as soon as he crossed the threshold. How dare he? How dare he have the audacity to try to pander to us? It's too little too late. And he needs to get his life together. Okay. And Rah? I think he's very unstable, with all due respect, because he still is our president at the end of the day. I think he is very calculated, a lot more intelligent than people like to give him credit for. There was a quote he made in the 90's that said, "if I run for president in this year the republicans are so dumb they will still vote for me and I would still win". I think that he is about 20 steps ahead of even his Office and they have no idea what he has in store for us. That's kind of true. Calculating. I think Trump and I think calculation. Yeah. Okay Kala what are they saying around so far. So Sherman Healthfest says, I will not believe he's real until he apologies for his comments and sets up some policies that help us. Michelle Webster says, don't hold your breath against change, because he visited a black historical museum. Yeah. Okay, I'm just gonna lead up on. I think he just likes being in the news. We'll of course he's a reality TV star. [LAUGH] Don't talk about us. [LAUGH] Right. [LAUGH] I'm not coming for you. I'm coming for [UNKNOWN]. [UNKNOWN] break things all the time. [CROSSTALK] I will vote for you. Okay. Panelist, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. Coming up, we're speaking with Joi Mcmillon. The first black woman to be nominated for an Oscar for film editing. Can you believe it? But first, [UNKNOWN] recently caught up with Keisha Cole to play a fun game of R&B Diva's Taboo, and to talk about her new music, check it out. When will the new album be released, and what can we expect from it? We are planning on to release it in May, and you can expect a lot of beautiful, meaningful Love songs, but also a couple of beat songs that we wanted to include also, because I really didn't have that many on the last album, and that was a point that we definitely wanted to And you know we love your up beat music. Right, right yeah. Like music we can dance to. Me too. Me too but it's hard to do sometimes for me. So are there any surprises? Any visual albums? Any video that are going to drop along with the. That would be awesome we did that on the last album. No we are going to do a documentary though and we are going to do it like a live kind of style. Were it's like in studio where we shoot. Perform maybe five songs of the album. Okay, so That would be different. [LAUGH] It will be different Yeah. And I'm definitely looking forward to that. So, speaking of visuals, we've known you for a long time, we loved you and your entire family. Thank you. And you've done reality TV before, do you ever look back and say, you know what, I really regret doing this or doing that, do you have any regrets about doing it? No Yeah. No, no, no. I do I wish that people would learn from some of the mistakes that we make, and then just try to correct them, and be better as people. But everybody is learning at their own pace, and I can't force anybody to To learn and live at my pace Hm hm. Of course, so Hm hm At with that being said, no I don't, I don't regret anything and I'm thankful that I had the opportunity Yeah And I've been actually recording on my own because I just met my father not too long ago Yes! So let's talk about that. I'm so glad you brought that up. Yes. What is your relationship like with your biological father? We speak a lot he's pretty busy cuz he's a boxing coach and he's training his fighters and everything so he travels a lot, and I've been working a lot so it's been hard to see each other but we speak a lot. Yeah yeah, that's great. Okay so we have to switch gears a little bit we were talking about your son off camera a little bit earlier he's Seven? Yeah, he'd be seven in March. I can't believe DJ is that old. How is it going? [LAUGH] How is it coping [UNKNOWN] with his dad and you Yeah with such a busy schedule, how do you guys manage that? He's so helpful. He's definitely helpful and he's not playing right now. So he's been there to take him to school and, well I have the nanny with him right now but Okay he's there together, so that's a good thing and he He's always around, and I wouldn't want it any other way, that's DJ's father. So the more that I have him around the better. Yeah, and I love that you two have kept that connection, and always put your son first. It's so great, so amazing to see that. We need to see more of it. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah, my personal feelings are not involved. It's all about DJ. Alright. So you know I have to ask. About your dating life. Because we we're just so...interested about that. Boring. It's boring trust me. No it can't be boring Keyshia, no way. How so? Do you go out on dates? It's boring, it's boring. I'm tired of dating in the Industry so have to figure out how to... You get outside of it. How to get outside of it and I saw that you asked Remy, your bestie, to be on the look out for a new boo. Is she doing her job? She's in the industry as well so I don't know how that's gonna work, but I did speak to Pat and her together on the loud speaker and they said that we worked together and find somebody they've already had an argument about it, I thought it was really cute. [LAUGH] And I trust them, I love them as a couple and how he, you know, protects and he's there for her and vice versa. So I think it's beautiful, I definitely trust them. With the love connection, but we'll see. How do you feel about social media in dating? Does that sort of change the game? Do you look up the person before? Do you like it their social media? Do you share relationship? I have to find, I have to go all the way to the bottom of the page. Really? I will go all the way. I need to know who you know, who you've been with, who you like, who's connected to you. I need to know all these things, you know what I mean? So. That's definitely been one the steps that I follow to make sure that I'm okay with it. Yeah that's gonna be a good advice though. Private eye. Yay private eye against to it. And hello So, I've been following your journey. I mean I saw you at Fashion Week this week and you slayed it. Thank you. Looking all kinds of gorgeous Keisha. So I saw you at the Philipp Plein Show, I think. I hope I'm saying that correctly. Yeah, I was actually wearing his line. Nice! I love it. It looked liked a really high energy show. But I saw that you were sitting, there was one person between you and Tiffany Trump. Now some people got up and walked away cause they didn't want to sit next to Tiffany. I'm trying to understand. Yeah. I didn't know it was her. You didn't know it was her? I didn't even know it was her. Wow. Cause I heard there was like a ruckus- Yeah. With some of the editors. And you just- Yeah. They just kept coming over there and I was wondering what is the deal? Yeah. You know? What was going on? What's going on? Yeah. But then after when we got back to the room, my stylist was actually the one Sitting in between us and I was like wow, that's just interesting. Yeah what are your thoughts on Trump and the Presidency. Are we giving him a fair shot? What do you think about? I just don't, fir st of all I'm not into the like if we give him a fair shot or if he's horrible at or whatever but my thing is that hate Shouldn't be promoted regardless of what that is. You have an affair shot, you're kinda already started off on a bad foot because nothing built with hate is gonna bring us together and have unity. Amongst the world, period. So and- So, Keisha, before you go. We're gonna play a little fun game Uh-oh. We're gonna test your R'n'B diva knowledge. Okay. Can you stick around? Can we play? Yeah, of course. Okay Keisha, so we're gonna test your knowledge of famous singer and again we're calling RnB diva Kaboo, I totally shouldn't sing in front of Keysha Cole. All right so we have two lovely Essence staffs joining us, Lauren and Dominique thank you you ladies for participating. All right here's how the game works, this is really important so listen up, there will be two teams, Lauren and I are on one team, and Keysha and Dominique are on another they'll be paired together on the monitor we'll put a photo of an RnB diva And you have to get your partner to guess who it is. But here's the catch: you cannot say their real name, or their stage name, and you cannot say any of the forbidden words on your card. So, for example, if you have a photo of Patti LaBelle, if it's on the monitor, you can't say Sweet Potato Pie, or If Only You Knew. If you say a forbidden word, You'll hear this sound. [SOUND]. All right. You also cannot any of the Diva songs because that would make it too easy, right? Obviously Yeah. So, each team will get 60 seconds to guess. If you need to pass for whatever reason, make sure you say, pass. All right. Keisha and Dominique, you ladies up first. Okay. Let's put 60 seconds to the clock. I am gonna count you down. Ready, set, go! Okay, so the first person, the boy is mine. You can say that? Yeah. Yeah, Brandy? No! No. The other one. Michael Jackson. No, no. You're on the right, The right duo, but the other person. Monica. Ok. So the next person. She's expecting and she just put out a video, she was singing to Whitney. Whitney Houston, Cierra. Yes. [NOISE] So we all, okay. [LAUGH] Wait a minute, okay. You got it, you got it. Wait, wait, wait, I got it. She just put out an album- 30 seconds. Okay, she just put out an album, it was amazing. We all know and love her singing. Beyonce. The other one. Solange. Got it. Okay, so, this is another famous sibling that we all love and adore. This is like a little back further back in the day. She also just had a baby. She's married to, like, a quatrillionaire [LAUGH] Three, two, one. Not a quatrillionaire, though. Okay, but he has money. All right, so Lauren, Yes. It's our turn. Okay. What is the score to beat? What's gonna beat? Three, so three is the score to beat. We can beat three, that's real easy. I think so. Like Keisha's my favorite singer and it's gonna hurt me to beat her. But we're gonna do this. Okay. All right. So I'm gonna count us down. We shall see. 60 seconds on the clock. Mm-hm. Okay, you have to turn your back, please. Yeah. Okay. No cheating, no cheating. [LAUGH] I can't see. I'm not gonna cheat. All right. Ready? Set. Go! All right, so you just honored this woman at the Essence Black Woman in Hollywood. Erykah Badu. Mm-hm. She was married to one of the top rappers of our time. She's fair in complexion. She had red hair. She gosh. Think 90s hip hop. Okay, pass, pass, pass, pass. This couple, she is Blue Ivy's mom. Beyonce. [NOISE] (bell) This lady was..Oh God...she had so many hits from the 90's, she worked with the other singer that Keyshia and [UNKNOWN] we're talking about. Brandy? [SOUND] (bell) So this lady is staring in a bunch of movies she wears black and white....Oh I said the forbidden word. Janelle Monae. [CROSSTALK] [SOUND] (buzzer) We'll keep going. Okay so this singer she has a show on 'E'. She has a show on E! Mariah Carey. Yes, okay. Her nickname is Nippy. Whitney Houston. Okay, so she has a whole big family. [UNKNOWN] Done, yes! No, no, no! That's not it. What's the score, what's the score. No, that's not it. [CROSSTALK] [NOISE] Why, why, why? That's not fair. The nicknames. But it wasn't- It was for better words. They said that they couldn't do nicknames. You said no nicknames. You did. Nicknames? Okay. What we doing? Judges, shall we confirm? Did I get something wrong? You cheated on me. Okay, the score is four. They still won. You cheated on me. I never cheated. No, you can't. You never cheated. Y'all cheated. And all we did. All the things I've been through, why would you all do that? [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Well you are the honorary winner because we love you, and we love your music. Thank you, thank you. Thank you so much for playing. Thank you Lauren, Dominique, and of course Keisha. Thank you. And your new single is out now called You, is on single now. More Essence Live is up next. Thank you! Cheater. [MUSIC] Hi, it's Joiee. Fashion Editor at Essence Magazine, and it's time to spruce up your workwear. [MUSIC] Borrow from the boys and get a tailored suit Suit some pops of color add a feminine touch. [MUSIC] A graphic print is a perfect addition to your wardrobe and definitely elevates your work style. [MUSIC] Punch up your casual Friday look with a pink trench, and for an extra twist, add a patent shoe. [MUSIC]. So ladies, have fun with your work ware, with pops of color and graphic prints. See ya next time. [MUSIC]. [MUSIC] Hi I'm Patti LaBelle and you're watching Essence Live, and it's all that. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Live. I'm Christina Cohen. Now, the Oscar airs this Sunday, February, 26th. And as you probably noticed, things are a lot, how do we say, blacker this year. In fact, not only are our girls Viola Davis, Ruth Negga, and Naomie Harris, all up for awards alongside Mahershala Ali, and Denzel But black women are also getting their just do behind the scenes. Recently Daemon Blair spoke with Moonlight editor Joy McMillan about what it's like being the first black woman nominated for an Oscar for film editing and how she's often mistaken for someone else on set. Here's a sneak peak. You can name pretty much every other African American or African Feeling like a woman in your field. It seem like there's a very small group of you. Can you tell us about a time where you were underestimated or misidentified in this field. I believe I read an article and you mentioned that they thought you were off there with the costume department. And are something completely not tech-related, if you will. Can you share a story similar to that for me? Yes, so when we were, when Moonlight was at Toronto, someone asked me, like, "do you have a film here?' And I was like, " yes, I worked on Moonlight." And they were like, " you were in it?" and I was like "no". And they're like did you do costume design? And I was like, no I'm an editor. And they're like I don't know if I've ever met a black editor before. Wow! And I was like, I am. [LAUGH] Wow, so no one ever has seen a black editor, that's crazy Kyla. Definitely crazy. And folks are still waiting in on the Keisha Cole game. They love it. Kendra Wilson says she thought the editors were a little bit behind with their guesses. She wrote they're slow, but come on girl. KK is sounding off about hurt bae. She said on Facebook we should start valuing ourselves. Stop defining ourselves through men, knowing and staying is a choice. We are all adults to make a conscious decision of that nature, you can't play the victim and when you play the role of an accepting girlfriend. Okay good point. Okay so we did we saw what else people were talking about on slate and shade and [UNKNOWN] co-interviewed and people weighed in on that. They did but you know what I have to say this. Cannot with hurt day. It's just too much. I don't know how these folks agreed on this, I don't know what contracts they signed, but I feel ike if you need closure from your ex you should set up a private meeting with him. Yes. Or girl just- Jess you gotta go. At the end of the video she would say they even talk regularly and I'm like girl you stood out, don't do that. You gotta run anyway, thanks Kayla. Special shout out to the black mix tape who was watching Essence live today. And live tweeting all show long. Hey Umber, hey black Joy and mix tape crew. Also thanks to Keisha Cole doing Macmillan and all of our guests for coming through. If you missed any of today's show you can watch the replay shortly on S. and see all of our videos on our YouTube page. Tune in alert, this Thursday, February 23rd, we will be broadcasting live on Facebook from the Tenth Anniversary of Essence's Black Women in Hollywood event. We'll have all the stars on the red carpet as we honor all the black girl magic of the film world. So make sure you tune in. That's thursday, February twenty third at six forty five pm pacific and nine forty five pm eastern. That's for you too Tyrese, we know you want to be there. Anyways, I'm Kristine Coleman, thanks so much for watching. See you next time.