[BLANK_AUDIO] I'm Cori Murray, and today on Essence live, Yandy Smith tells us what's really good with her marriage. Marcus Scribner ranks his Black-ish co-stars. And if you've got health questions, our pound experts are here to help. But right now, it's the Hot List, the biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] It happened. Michelle Obama was spotted out with her natural hair, and we thank social media for the proof. On Twitter at meagnacarter almost broke the Internet with this photo and caption. This is the picture I've been waiting on for Like three years come on natural, to which @candorschatz responded she'd look great in a 'fro too, next step? Funny you should ask because it just might happen. Back in 2016 Michele's long time hair stylist Johnnie Right. Who is responsible for my own cut that I'm trying to keep up. Hey Johnny. He kinda predicted this moment. He said maybe on vacation she will, when he asked if Mrs. Obama would ever rock a afro or her natural curls. He says she is 100 percent natural now. It is is a possibility. [MUSIC] Now that New York City is closing Rikers Island, the city's public advocate had suggested that the island be renamed for Kalief Browder. Kalief is the 22 year old who committed suicide after spending three years in prison for a crime he didn't commit Kalief's brother, Akeem, said he's flattered by the idea of renaming Rikers for Kalief, but would rather give the victory to, quote, the people. He told the New York Daily News, Maybe people will look at Kalief Island, if they want to dub it that, and remember the tragedy that my brother went through. So what do you think? Have you seen the Kalief Browder story. And did it change the way you view incarceration. Let us know in the comments. [BLANK_AUDIO] Kendrick dropped his new single, Humble. And some twitter activists just can't be happy about it because of this part. I'm so [MUSIC] Okay, so what's the problem again? I'm. Can we run it back one more time? [MUSIC] .>> I still don't get. I'm still jamming, but are we mad at the no photoshop line? Or is that he showed some booty with some stretch marks. Essence live fam, you weigh in. What offends you about Kendrick Lamar's Humble? Is it A. The video? B. The lyrics? Or C. Not a damn thing? I love me some Kendrick. Send us your votes now because we're taking your comments next. It's Tuesday, April 4th, and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome to Essence Live, and we are right here on essence.com and Facebook every Tuesday at 3 PM. I'm Essence entertainment director, Cori Murray. Remember to use the hashtag, and my guests, but we'll talk about them in a second. [LAUGH] Remember to use the Essence hashtag, #essencelive, and to send us your comments, or email us at essencelive@essence.com if you wanna come on the show and sound off on topics, like these ladies are about to do. Now as mentioned in the hot list, Kenrick Lamar's new song, Humble, has everyone buzzing. But some believe the video and lyrics are Problematic, mainly because he criticizes the use of Photoshop and says he likes, quote, **** with some stretch marks. So today's viewer poll is this. What offends you about Kendrick's video? A. the video, b. the lyrics or c. not a damn thing. I know how I'm voting. Use #essencelive to vote and we'll read the results later in the show. [BLANK_AUDIO] Here to talk about all the backlash to Kendrick's Humble are Amber J. Phillips of the Black Joy Mixtape, Christina Brown of Love Me Some Brown Sugar. And I love that Dove commercial. Thank you. [LAUGH] I use it. [INAUDIBLE] And via Skype is Essence Live viewer. Sojourner Ellabee. Hey Sojourner. Hello, how are you guys doing? Good, welcome to the show ladies. All right so let's get started with these initial reactions. Sojourner I'm gonna talk to you first. What did you think of Kendrick's song and video for humble? Well my answer is seeing not a damn thing, I love me some Kendrick. I thought those visuals were amazing, that particular lyric section, I didn't see anything wrong with it. So I was very surprised to hear a lot of the backlash she was receiving Yeah, I know. Were you guys surprised [UNKNOWN]? I was totally surprised. When I first saw the video I loved it. I thought it was so great for him to bring up a topic that we don't talk about a lot and something that's a relevant conversation to have. That's what you're supposed to do with your art. So I loved it. And I think it's great that he has opened up this kind of conversation about women embracing who they are naturally, and not feeling like they have to put on a mask in order to feel beautiful. That's what my platform is about, so I loved it. Okay, cool, cool, cool. And what were your initial thoughts? I thought the video was great, but I also understood the backlash. I think It wasn't a surprise to me because Kendrick Lamar has been pushed around how he talks about black women, how represents them in his video since ever. And I think this is another moment where black women saw the opportunity of like, Kendrick, you're there when it comes to supporting Black men and telling the story of black men from Compton and giving us anthems. However you could do a lot more when it comes to your gender analysis in your videos as well. Okay, Christina, a lot of people said they thought Kendrick was trying to police Women's beauty, with the comments about wanting a natural woman. So what are your thoughts on that?>>I don't think he was trying to police anything, I think he was speaking his mind. You know, I have been in relationships, for example, where the men would tell me that they like how I looked without my makeup and with my natural hair, without all that stuff. So I know there are a lot of men out there that Feel that way. And so I think he was just speaking his mind, and I have to appreciate that because it takes a lot of the stress away from [LAUGH] away from us who feel like we have to get up every single day. And put on all this stuff, and Photoshop, and be perfect in every social media photo, so I appreciated it. That line about the booty and the stretch marks, so TMI, I have stretch marks on my booty. Me too. Yes, stretch marks are great, and booties are great. Yes. Yes, so I was like, okay, I'm just gonna like my booty the way it is. [LAUGH] Whatever happened You know that. So let's talk about colorism, we spotted this tweet from @Seeruh. I can't believe Kendrick wrote that hotep **** song about women and put a girl in a wet and wavy wig in the video. Hm, wait. I can. So Janet, did you think the selection of life gang girl in the video affect your views on it? Honestly, I don't, because whether light skinned or dark skinned, at the end of the day, you're still a black woman, whether you have curly hair, whether you have kinky hair, straight hair, perm, relaxed, whatever you have, that still makes you a black woman, so I don't think that took away from the message at all, actually. No, Amber, as I mentioned, the video received a lot of backlash from feminists like yourself, do you agree with some of the points Or understand why they may have taken offense to the video? I absolutely do I think Kendrick is talking about desirability right, we're talking about who we're dating and I think black women specifically coming from this feminist perspective of it's still not up to Kendrick Lamar to decide what's beautiful. That black women actually have been doing that for quite some time now. Specifically black women MCs have been talking about different types of bodies, we have Tokyo Vanity, we have a lot of black women who push for what they want to see. And if he wants to push back against Photoshop that actually means representing more varieties of women not the type of woman who actually isn't People are photoshopped to look like her. Most women who are photoshopped kind of look like me or [UNKNOWN] Those are the women with the pressure to fit into society and to fit into these beauty standards. And I think Kendrick Lamar Tried, but he'd still make the conversation very narrow. What I liked was the social media aspect of it, because, you know, when you're on Instagram late at night and you start seeing all these "Insta models" and all this stuff, it kinda starts messing with your head. But here he was. He was kinda like ripping a band-aid, if you will, off something Think that, doesn't get to talk about, especially on a celebrity or artist of his calibre. Right. To say that out there, so Amber, we're in a new period of activism. As a feminist, how do you think social media is helping or hurting I think social media, if artists like Kendrick Lamar listen, it's an opportunity for him to grow. What we know is that even when Beyonce started to talk about feminism, she was pushed even further to talk about black feminism. And now we have Solange, and now we have Lemonade and Formation. So I think if Kendrick Lamar really wants to push this conversation around black women I would love to hear him speak out and call out double XL around their freshman always being male MCs. And we want more representations of different black women in hip hop. We need more women MCs to be talking about breaking the molds around Photoshop and around what our bodies look like. So I call him to do that. To actually take a step back and make more room for women to talk about what they wanna see. That's true, so [UNKNOWN] back to you. What are your friends->> Yes. Saying about the video? My friends, I seem to be the lone wolf. A lot of people seem to also have a lot of negative things to say. But I really just saw it as Kendrick giving his preference. And a lot of times In today's media days and with social media, like you said, scroll on Instagram. We see so many images of women that are covered in makeup, have weaves and plastic surgery. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I don't think he condemned them. But I think it shows a message that says for young girls. Like he said, I'll accept you with your afro, tiger stripe stretch marks, whatever you have, I love it and I'm here for it. So I saw it as an uplifting message. I didn't see him trying to tear down the women who do choose to wear weaves or wear make up or whatever the case may be. I thought it was a positive Girl I love you just the way you are and I loved it. I loved it. My friends maybe not so much but we'll have plenty of conversations about that. Maybe he'll be sending his video directly to Tyrese. Okay, hey Kayla and I hear you had a birthday. You had a birthday? Yes, I did yesterday. Happy birthday. So what are they saying on social media? Very vocal, lots of votes for C coming in. So we asked what offend you about the Kendrick Lamar video? A, the video, B, the lyrics, C, not a damn thing. So lots of votes for C coming in. Serena Dickson says not at all, he has the right to say what he wants, so I agree with the lyrics. Valerie McCalla says no problem at all, it's art #love. RiRi says, I agreed what I just heard We have to learn to love ourselves. Just how God created us. To often we're trying to conform to an image that society says is okay. Our children need to know that they should be comfortable with who they are. We are all beautiful.>> Yes.>> People had jokes though.>> [LAUGH] So Ariel Marie from Twitter says He literally had a sugar brown momma around, a reference to the model in the video. With the brazilian body wave frontal on what he's talking about, show me that kinky Afro girl, laughing with tears emoji. So some people weren't here for it. Tina Curry also wasn't here for it. She said, tired of men Saying what they're tired of. Leave women alone, if you as women wear makeup, fine. If not, great, doesn't matter. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] All right, great. Well they said it. Thank you ladies for coming on and talking about it. Kindred, keep it up, we love you [LAUGH] Thank you so much. Keep those comments coming. Thank you ladies, and coming up next Our comments coming from today's viewer poll. What offends you about Kendrick Lamar's 'Humble'? Is it a. the video, b. the no Photoshop lyrics or c. nothing, that's my song? Coming up, Yandy Smith talks about her blended, her new book Blended Family, and whether she was really lying about being married. But first, have you subscribed to Essence Yes Girl Podcast? [UNKNOWN] [LAUGH] You should cuz it's hosted by yours truly and my girls Yolanda Sanguine, and Charlie Penn. And each episode features black women you love. Yes Girl is available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. Here's a clip of where we spoke with actress Danai Gurira, about why she writes projects that are black-women focused. It's making sure that the African females' voice is front and center. And it's not hard for me to do that. It's like Folks are like, but they ask about that particular focus, I'm like, well, no one asks Scorsese why he writes about white dudes all the time, you know what I mean? Like that's just what he does, that's who he is, it's natural to him, it's close to him, this is what's close to me and natural to me, and also what, yes, I feel a calling About it, I feel a struggle in it. I know I was born into a struggle being black and female. But the struggle is not one, I also feel a great deal of hope. Because I think that our narratives are more and more breaking through. And I feel like I owe it, I have a responsibility to see the visions I have for For stories to the end because it doesn't just bless me. It blesses many. You're watching Essence Live. I'm NoNe, and right now joining me in the studio is reality star and business woman, Yandy Smith. Welcome to Essence Live girl. Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited. Absolutely so, a lot of people know you as reality star. But we're adding author to the list. So Blended Family Families, tell us about that. My gosh, so I am the modern day woman and I am definitely a blended family mommy. And the blended family is the first of a series of books I'm going to do and it's all about addressing awkward, difficult topics to talk to your children, your young people about without making it so awkward and difficult, right? As mommies and daddies sometimes we're faced with having to explain certain things to our children that they just can't really grasp so easily so. For instance, my son was turning three and his older brother couldn't be at his birthday party because he had other obligations. Right. With his mommy's side of the family. Right. So my son was like, I want my big brother Daniel. He doesn't love me. And I'm like no, he loves you but his mommy want to take him somewhere. So that's why. He's like, he's mommy? I don't understand? So what we did was. I'm like, gosh this is difficult. So in talking to someone, mentor and talking to other mommies that I look up to I was able to really have the conversation with my son. But then I thought, there's some people out there might not have the mentors or the women that they can call. So I was like, I'm gonna put this in a book. I'm gonna write a book about this. And it's not necessarily about that, but it's The makeup of a blended family, but it gives a very practical situation that has a blended family situation, and how the family worked through it. We'll get into love and hip hop this season. My goodness. There was so much drama. Wasn't it so crazy? Baby mama drama. My gosh. Like there was never an episode where we had a break from it, so let's get to it. My goodness. Samantha and Erica, it seemed like you guys were always trying to work towards some sort of reconciliation for the kids but it just never, It just never worked. Happened. What do you think it would take? separation of the book because there is some difficulty in blended families. It's real life. [LAUGH] What joins you guys is you have all, Had some relationship with this man and you know sometimes there's ill feelings. Sometimes there's unresolved feelings. Sometimes there are just misconceptional feelings. So it's like okay, we gonna have to work together cuz now we all have children. And sometimes people are just on different levels with that. And I think this season really taught me. How to grow. There was a lot of growth that had to happen. You guys see everything quickly in a week's span, but we shoot the show over the course of a year and for me, I didn't even know I had any issue going into this season with these [CROSSTALK] Right. It's like okay in my real life, I don't really see you guys or deal with you. But I don't know with so much hatred and so much animosity. So it helped me grow as a person, for sure. It definitely helped me understand like you have got to be more- Like I learned so many lessons, like Yandy you have to compromise. Yandy you are not the boss of every situation Wow. And Yandy, you have got to calm down when it comes to your family. So like there's certain things, like throughout the seasons. I have been like doo da doo da doo. Like I don't care, any drama that comes my way, I'm laughing at it like, yeah, girl->> [LAUGH] I don't even know you like that, whatever. Great. When it comes to matters of the heart->> Yeah. Like my man. Mm-hm. And when it comes to the matter of the babies. Yeah. You're gonna see a different Yandy every time, because I don't play with those things. All right, so, we're gonna talk about the major bombshell that was dropped this season of Love & Hip Hop. Let's talk about it. The jaws dropping around the country. Okay. [LAUGH] So, it was revealed on this season of Love & Hip Hop that you didn't actually send in your marriage papers, and you guys weren't married, like what Take us through what that decision process was like. Did you decide before the TV special, after? I'm going to take you through it from the perspective of the television show first. So I've never had to tell anyone this, cuz no one would have ever known or questioned it. The reason why I wanted the world to know, and I hate that it got leaked on a blog prior to because there was no explanation as to what. It was like Seven weeks before the episode aired, it was leaked. I was so furious about that because, you know, I love my relationship. And when I vow to that man that I would be with him forever and he is my only, my one and only, he vowed to me, we meant that. Right. I still mean it. The minute I vowed to him Before God, before 250 people, and before all the millions that watched. I meant it. I meant it with all of my heart. That night when we got the call, the night before the wedding, like, okay listen. We know tomorrow's your wedding Hold off from signing that paper for a few weeks until this plea is signed. It was like, okay. It wasn't a big deal. And it really wouldn't be a big deal to anyone of you if you didn't know. It wouldn't be a big deal. Right. But because of the hoopla, the propaganda, and the fact that they dropped it like [UNKNOWN] and they put all this special effects with the music. Dun dun dun. It was like, my gosh Right. No, it wasn't a fake wedding. No, it wasn't getting one to steal money from VH1. None of that stuff. I don't know if you heard them but, you know, I'm reading like, what is it. What [INAUDIBLE] money like I need it. What? No. This is my one and only wedding. If I could marry that man 20 more times in the next 20 years I will. For me at that very moment it was about protecting my children. It was about protecting the empire that he and I built together, and it was definitely about protecting what I worked so hard for. Cuz, like you said, you knew me from grinding, I was grinding for so long.>>Mm-hm.>>And I didn't want my mind to be blinded by love, because we can be, and I have been, When it would affect my future and my children's future. Right. And he completely understood, like we cried. And we was like, my gosh. And he's like, you need to get it together. It's not that big of a deal. The plea will be signed, and it'll be->> Right. We'll figure it out But it was something that was hard. Right. It was so hard. And I hated that the world thought I was making a mockery or thought it was something that was fake. Or it was so hard. You have a lot of gems to share, especially to young girls. And speaking of that, you have a project which I love, Everything Girls Love. Yeah. And then there's a Partners Uplifting, Our Daughters Mentoring Program. Yeah. Under that. Um-hm. And it's focused on the emotional wellness of young girls. Particularly entering junior high school which we know is the roughest time. Why was that something that was important for you? Again growing up in Harlem and seeing so many different situations happen around me that I was very shielded from. We grew up impoverished, I grew up in the projects and my mother and my dad and my grandparents. Same projects. Mm-hm. There was always this kind of underline she don't make it out she's gonna be like her mama or daddy or grandma or she don't make it out. And my mom and dad was so, no matter what they went through they went through a lot They've dealt with a lot, but they always kept me kind of protected and in this little bubble, and I felt like because of that bubble I was able to continue to be successful, and there's so many girls that don't have that bubble from their parents So I am like I want to provide the [UNKNOWN] and if I can take a group of girls and just provide them with a bubble of protection. A bubble of encouragement. A bubble of empowering them, maybe I can save one life. If I save five that would be amazing. I hope that when these girls get older, the goal is to To go from 13 all the way up to 18. When I'm getting ready to go to college, I'm like, you and you and you, you're getting a scholarship. And I'm paying for it. Amazing. That's the goal. Because someone did it for me. [SOUND] I think that award has to go to Anthony. He definitely has the loudest laugh that you could possibly imagine. [LAUGH] It sounds like a super loud cackle. Aah! I remember the first day going to set. I walked in and I heard Anthony laughing on set. I was like Jesus, are we working with [UNKNOWN] today or something? The biggest food snatcher would definitely have to be [UNKNOWN]. She is always going over to the crafty areas Stealing donuts. One time I even caught her stealing one of my very own prized donuts. [MUSIC] The biggest epic fail on Blackest would probably have to go to your truly, me. [LAUGH] I mean, I don't really flub my lines too much but my dance moves aren't too great. [SOUND] Everybody dance now! [MUSIC] And I do tell some pretty terrible jokes. Jenifer Lewis has the best all around personality. I mean, Jenifer can go from one end of the spectrum to the other end of the spectrum real quick when it comes to personality. The biggest selfie queen is for sure, Tracee on our show. Tracee, I mean, every few seconds, she's taking a selfie. [MUSIC] By far it has to be Kayla or [UNKNOWN] Martin as most of you guys might know. She's the most likely to low key take over the world. Like she'd take over the world but be low key about it you know what I mean? The person most likely to catch some z's on set is Anthony Anderson. I mean every time I walk around the corner it seems like Anthony is asleep. He sleeps for a living. Okay? I mean Anthony collects a paycheck at the end of the week for sleeping basically. You know? [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I'm totally joking, but he does sleep a lot. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Misty Copeland and you're watching Essence live. [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Live, and I'm entertainment director Cori Murray. And this next segment is definitely a good one. Joining me in studio is our expert panel of panelists who will be answering all of those crazy health questions you may have, letting us know if they're true or just myths. We have OB/GYN Dr. Dre, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Rutgers Medical School, and New York Times best selling author Dr. Rameck Hunt. And lastly OBGYN Dr. Nita Landry who goes by Dr. Nita. Welcome to Essence to Essence. Thank you. Thanks for having us. I'm not going to give you my own personal chart, but write in. Alright viewers, if you have some questions of your own, hit us up on Facebook and we'll try to get those answered. Doctors, shall we get started? Let's. Absolutely, let's do it. First, here's our first video question. Hi, my name is Phoebe. These flat tummy tees are all over the internet. My question is, do they really work? I gotta know this, go ahead. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Dr. [UNKNOWN]. Well, I was just gonna chime in. They are all over the place. And it turns out that the way that it works is that it has something called cina in it, which is Senna is a laxative and it is like Ex-Lax basically. So it'll kinda make you run and I guess it could make your stomach flat for the time being, but the long-term effects of it, it's not a cure-all, it won't help you lose any significant amount of weight. It also has a diuretic in it, so then it makes you urinate a little bit more. So all those things are dehydrating and In the short term, it can make your stomach a little flatter, but in the long term, it's really not helpful. I mean, the best thing to do to get your stomach flatter is to work on your diet and exercise. It's ab work, right? Yeah. And exercise, so really, for diet, you really should have lean meat, protein, lots of fruits and vegetables, and tons of water. So ladies out there, make sure you exercise just 30 minutes a day. For me, I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then I walk like 10 minutes after each meal. That's my 30 minutes. That's all you need. So basically, you'll like the way the scale looks, ladies, because you will poop a lot and you will pee a lot. So the scale will look great, but it's really not enough An effective way to lose weight. You're just basically losing nutrients and wanter. Okay. Not the way to go. Next question. I love getting gel manicures but I heard that the UV lights cause cancer. Is that true? Okay, Dr. Hunt? So, UV light has radiation in it, so there's different types of UV lights, A and B, and most of those nail dryers are UV A lights, and so we know that it can cause wrinkling of your skin, and it also can cause some skin cancer from prolonged exposure So I mean, if you're doing it every once in a while it wouldn't be a big deal. But if you were doing it for long periods of time consistently for years and years and years, you could run a risk of having cancer. And then also it can make your hands look like mine [LAUGH]. All right. Let's get to this next question. Can putting yogurt on your vagina really cure a yeast infection? [LAUGH] Doctor Jay. OMG leave everything out of the vagina ladies, my god my god, leave it out of the vagina. Maybe they meant eating it. No they meant inserting it. In the vagina, so a lot of ladies will like dip. Like a tampon in yogurt, like Greek yogurt, and like shove it in there as much as they can, right. Don't do that, don't do that, ladies. Okay. So you can do oral probiotics to help you prevent yeast infections, but I like this remedy, garlic, garlic clove. You can put a garlic clove in the vagina at night for three days and it actually will kill yeast [MUSIC] But, okay. I mean [LAUGH] [LAUGH] But I was like what does that smell like? It smells. For other activities. [LAUGH] As far as the yogurt, like your vagina does not want nor does it need yogurt. Like don't feed your vagina yogurt. I mean just don't. Yeast infections can be very painful though. You can get like cottage cheese discharge, redness. Bernie down there. So if the garlic doesn't take care of it, go to the store and get like a Monistat or something like that. And if that doesn't take care of it, go see your OBGYN, cuz you may have something else like a STD. Okay, next question. Hi, my name is Samantha. Everyone says it's Harder to have a baby after the age of 35. But celebrities like Halle Berry seem to be doing just fine. What's the real cut off age for having a baby? Okay, so technically there isn't an official cut off age for having a baby. Every woman is going to be a little different. With that being said, we talk about the age of 35 because, overall, that's when we see a significant decrease in the quantity and the quality of a woman's eggs. Additionally, we see an increased risk of pregnancy complications like high blood pressure, diabetes, stillbirth, miscarriages, things like that. As far as celebrities, just realize that, not necessary Halle Berry like not trying to get in her business, But a lot of celebrities will use infertility specialists. And celebrities that are older, sometimes they are using donor eggs, meaning they are using a younger person's egg, they're combining that with a sperm and then the egg and sperm are implanted into her uterus. And then they grow the baby. So, it's not impossible to have a baby when you're 35 or older. But when it comes to your ovaries, 40 is not the 20. Like you may look great on the outside, but unfortunately, your ovaries are 40 or 45 or 50. Your ovaries will age. Wow, thank you for that. Yeah. Wew, okay. [LAUGH] Gotta massage them. [LAUGH] Yeah, that's not effective. Yeah, I don't wanna talk about the age of my ovaries. [LAUGH] Next [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] Hi my name is Peggy. My question is about apple cider vinegar. People say apple cider vinegar can cure anything. What's the truth and how are you supposed to use it. Dr. Dre. That's a great question. So apple cider vinegar when you drink it before you actually eat a meal, it helps you absorb the nutrients a little better. It also helps you regulate your blood sugar. So, decreases your risk for Type 2 diabetes. But this is the thing, don't put it in your vagina ladies. No vinegar in your vagina, that douchey stuff, get rid of it. When you douche, obviously the vagina, you're gonna kill the good bacteria in your vagina and the bad stuff is gonna overgrow and you're have a fishy odour. So we don't want that. No No. No fishing. But also know with apple cider vinegar that. So people come to my office and they have all kinds of home remedies that they say I heard it does this, I heard it does that. And you have to take all of that with a grain of salt. So apple cider vinegar has been shown to help reduce your risk of diabetes and also control your sugar. But it's not the end all be all and so I have patients that come and say well I don't want any medications, I'm just gonna take this apple cider vinegar. But yet their sugars are still out of control because it might help a little bit but it doesn't help as much as you need. Then you end up with amputations, you end up with kidney disease. So take it all with a grain of salt and make sure you talk to your doctor before you kinda commit to something like that. I've heard that you can pass a fibroid through your body naturally or through your period. Is that true? Dr. Nita, you wanna hit? ` Sure, so there are some studies that show that smaller fibroids can resolve on their own and your body just takes care of it. With that being said, specifically for African American women, we tend to get fibroids at an earlier age We tend to get more fibroids and we tend to get larger fibroids. And generally speaking, those larger fibroids will not take care of themselves. So if you are having heavy bleeding, or pain with sex, pelvic pressure, problems with urination, problems with defecation, things that need to be addressed. Don't sit at home waiting for your fibroid to resolve itself. You really should see a health care provider because it probably will not go away. If it's one of those larger fibroids. Okay, one more question. Let's take a look at this one. Hi, I'm Ashley Goodin. Does cracking your knuckles really cause arthritis? All right, Dr Hunt, and I do this, my God. Yeah, I do that too sometimes. [LAUGH] That's pretty good. I mean that was a lot. [LAUGH] I'm like [SOUND]. No,the short answer is no. So it's gas bubbles that when you crack your knuckles that you're hearing Or sometimes depending on just the articulation of the two joints. But there have been studies, one as recent as I think 2011, that looked at this for people who crack their knuckles. And it turned out that people who crack their knuckles were not anymore likely to have arthritis than the group that didn't. But you hear this all the time when you were younger so they tell you that And I think it was a way to get people not to do it. But it turned out that it didn't. They were more annoyed with the sound than the actual. It doesn't cause it at all. Alright guys. Thank you so much, and ladies, thank you for clearing this all up. So much great advice. But before we head out let's check in with you one more time birthday girl, Kayla. Hey. Happy Birthday. Thank you. What's happening on social? Well, RaRa had one more question for the doctors. She wanted to know if eggs work on the vagina. [LAUGH] Speaking of home remedies. When it comes to your vaginas, ladies, less is more. Your vagina is a self cleaning oven. It knows exactly what to do. And it's not hungry. It doesn't want eggs, it doesn't want yogurt, it doesn't want apple cider vinegar. It just wants a little warm water. [LAUGH] If you must use a soap, you can use a little unscented Dove or something like that. Do you, recommend? Eggs for the vagina. Eggs whites for lubrication. Women that have infertility, like trying to get pregnant. Instead of a lubricant, you can use an egg white in the vagina. What if you just want to be cheap. Let me stop. You know, more natural, more natural, more natural. Okay, Kayla. Shout out to Baby Ruth Love, who's watching and tweeting along with us. Hey! We asked Nicole a question earlier, what offend you most about the Kendrick Lamar video? A, the video, B, the lyrics, C, not a damn thing. So lots of votes for C coming in. Tammy Henderson says, what I really think he's saying is, for women, it's not that serious, you're still desirable. [UNKNOWN] says would you rather have him be disrespectful towards women? Like people would make something out of nothing. It's like you can't win Shonda David said, if you take offense to this song then you hate your true self. So different strokes for different folks. I'm here for Kendrick though. [LAUGH] All right. Thanks, Kayla. Okay it's time to see the results of our viewer poll. We asked, what offends you most about Kendrick Lamar's Humble? And you said [BLANK_AUDIO] 0% for A. B is 2%. Be humble, sit down. I clearly need my glasses. And 98% for C. Nothing. I'm with y'all. 98% wins. Thank you Yandy Smith, Marcus Scribner, and all our physicians who came through to shed some light on today's health myths. Panelists, thank you very much. Thank you. If you missed today's show you can catch the replay on essence.com or see all of our videos on our YouTube page. And remember to tune in next Tuesday at 3pm for all new Essence Live. I'm Corey Murray, See ya! [MUSIC]

Apr, 05, 2017

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