Should Dave Chappelle Get Credit For “Key and Peele” [BLANK_AUDIO] Ahead of the Netflix special Dave Chapelle sat down with Gayle King for an interview where he admitted that it hurt to see the show, Key & Peele, use the sketch comedy format that he fought so hard to establish while working on Chappelle's show without getting any of the credit. Watch. When I watch Key & Peele And I see they're doing the format that I created, and at the end of the show is says Camp Field, that hurts my feelings. Panelist, what are your thoughts on this? And does Dave Chappelle have a point? So let's hold up the cards is it slayed or shade? Shade, shade, shade, slayed. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] I fooled dates for so long, though. So tell me, why is that? Why do you feel that? I fought for all this, and then the minute I'm not here, you guys fill a position. You created it? Come on. Sharon [CROSSTALK] Wait a minute, it was about ten years later. Still, I- And here's the thing. If we look back at the Chappelle Show, we can see credits for Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock And, Richard Pryor, if that's the case, right? And they are so not even close to Dave Chappelle Show. No shade to them, but the Dave Chappelle Show was amazing. Key and Peele [SOUND] But, have we gotten Key & Peele's side of the story? II mean [INAUDIBLE] what do you think about that? We haven't gotten their side yet, however, I mean, so what does that mean for shows like In Living Color, or The Wayans for The we like. They created a certain type of sketch comedy. Flip Wilson did a sketch comedy, like, there's a format that has been built on for black comedy shows for years to come. I don't think Dave Chappelle created it. You know what I mean. Everyone's influenced by somebody. absolutely, yeah. Now if he, Wants credit for being the influencer. That's up to them to want to give him that credit, but in this moment in time I think it's important to not create this type of- It seems like he's in his feelings, right? Like Dave is in his feelings. Well, he seems a little overly sensitive. But again, everybody wants to be offensive to be defensive. But this is the thing, I mean Dave Chappelle is a legend and he gets credit for being a legend, and he's Still around. He has these Netflix specials coming out. Yeah. So I don't think Key and Peele are taking anything away from him. He stands alone. I tend to agree with that. Doing something completely different with Get Out so. Absolutely and congratulations to them. All right Kayla what are the folks saying. Hey girl. what do they say. So people are on his side so they're slaying Dave Chappelle They're slaying. They are. They're saying, Ernestine Hill says they should give them credit for sure. Debra Trainer says if they took it from him, they should give him his props. Holly Frasier says give him his credit due. So everyone's on his side. Wow. Can I just say, is it actually giving him props? Because in interviews, They say that he's been a very big influence on their comedy. And that's all you need to say [CROSSTALK] We just need to get them in a room. Yeah. Yeah, we just need to get them in a room and get them to has it out. They need a comedy hug. [CROSSTALK]
Mar, 23, 2017

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