[BLANK_AUDIO] Miss Amirah, who plays Ernestine. Your character has gone through so much, you lived through being the most powerful slave on the plantation. [LAUGH] Well, mama got it. Mama always got it, and then you went to a killer. And now you're a what? She just call you. I don't know. I mean, you did it. And so now you're kinda having to take a step back in a way. So how did you approach kind of going into this second season with this whole newfound role? Right well the thing is too what I learned from season one from my daughter was that enslavement anywhere is just a horrific experience. So there is no power to be had and that this concept of survival. Is she blew out of the water? You get what I mean, Rosalie was like, yeah guess what, I'm not And so you gonna see her tortured a bit, but she's still our strong, resilient mama and that's what I love the most. Is that they're gonna put her through hells that are gonna be modern day people, and say, I went through that. Or I know someone who went through that. And hopefully if they see miss Ernestine push through, that'll give them a little bit more of a fight. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Mar, 08, 2017

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