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[MUSIC] We're gonna call this segment Keke with Keke. Sound good to me. Let's Keke. So tell me something. Tell me three things about you don't we don't know. Three fun things. Nothing too deep, don't worry about it. Nothing to personal. Three things you don't know about me. They're all sexual, sorry. No, come on. They are. That's the most fun I mean. Oh, come on Keke. Let's see, three things you don't know about me. One thing that you do that you're like, oh my God if my fans knew I did this. I sit and I bead pillows on my boring time. Really? I love putting beads on pillows, I swear. Really? Yes, I love doing hair. I'm a hair freak. I just love how it feels on my fingertips. Yeah. Between you and, you and Michael, who's the better cook? We both are, we're different kind of cooks though, cuz I'm Southern down home cook, with like the fried chicken, and the, and the, the gravy and taters and biscuits and, and apples and caramel and, him, he's like shh. That was really extensive. Did you hear that? It was what? It was real extensive, like biscuits and gravy, and apples. Oh my God. You're real southern. I am. It's more hee-haw. And then he's more of the chef-y type cook. So he likes to make it pretty and healthy, but good. So tell me about the EP that you just put out. Tell me a little bit about it. My new EP is of course, moi. Keke by Keke Wyatt and it's showing off who I really am as a artist, I believe, instead of this RnB only person that they keep making me with these love songs and carrying on. I don't just do love songs, okay? I do fun songs. I do country songs, I mean I am country after all, I mean, come on. So, I mean, it's just a little bit of everything and I got my, my ho song, I'm sorry, can I say ho on here? I mean ho as in home, home. You can say ratchet. Ratchet, might slide down a pole. I need you in the shot KeKe. Back.

ESSENCE Festival: Keke Wyatt

The singer tells us three things we didn't know about her.

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