Ebonne Jones chats with singer Jazmine Sullivan[MUSIC] I'm here EssenceFestival.com with Jazmine Sullivan. How are you? I am good, I'm good. It's so good to have you back and we're so happy that your first performance back in a long little break in the U.S. was at the Essence Festival. What did it feel like being back on that stage? It was amazing. Like you said, I haven't been here in so long and I was just so happy to be amongst Kay Michelle and Trey Songz and Nas. So it was, it was a really good welcome back. Now what can we expect, the new album Reality Show, what can we expect from this album? Reality Show definitely takes from my reality, what I have been through these past few years, why I wasn't you know, out. And I named it that also because I keep telling everybody, but I'm really addicted to reality shows, so like, I can't help it. [LAUGH]. Now, if you had to put, you know how Buzzfeed has all those little quizzes that would say what reality TV star are you? If you had to pick a reality TV star that you would be if you took the test, who would it be? I can't say just one. I think I'm a mixture of a lot of people. I would say, a little bit of Kay Michelle, cuz shes funny. I think she's, like, she's really one of the funniest. I don't know I'm a mixture of a lot different people though. Now with this year being the 20 year anniversary of Essence Festival what has Essence Festival meant to you and your career? I mean, Essence Magazine has been a part of my life for so long. It just represents, I think, like, black beauty. And so I'm just, I'm glad to be a part of it. All right. Thank you so much, Jasmine. [LAUGH]

Jul, 30, 2014

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