The comedian on why he loves the Festival and what he'll be doing for his birthday.[MUSIC]. I wanna learn how to say turn up. Oh you don't want to learn how to say that, that was an accident. Was it? I was being silly Being funny, and it, it went the wrong way. That's, that's a great example of when jokes go wrong. It was supposed to be an exaggeration of how people just say turn up everything but then I brought the doggone saying back, and now I gotta start saying it. Well this weekend, let's up, cuz it's your birthday, and it's Essence festival. What's on your itinerary for the festival and your birthday? A good time man. I mean I always have a great time with Essence in general, so this festival is something that's huge. This is my second year coming back just to be a part of it. You know, from great performances to, to parties, just being around positivity and positive people. I mean, it's an amazing thing for me. So, and that, with that being said, this will be an official turn up day. You're gonna see a lot of me today. Alright, thank you Kevin. Thank you. [MUSIC]
Jul, 27, 2014

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