ESSENCE Fest: Chrisette Michele

The singer on reality TV and ESSENCE Festival.

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 25, 2014
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[MUSIC] Well, you know, there's a reality show coming up and sometimes you're very private, but how's this going to work where you have a reality show? I hear that I'm very private a lot and I guess I am, cuz there haven't been cameras following me around, because nowadays, cameras following me around is how you're not private. I'm handling it well. It's very strange and it's definitely outside of my comfort zone. I've never been told what to do in my entire career so this is brand new for me. And so how are you, like, what made you decide to do this reality show? I wanted to be transparent. I wanted people to see how I really am in life outside of the music, and I wanted to show that we can get along as sisters, you know what I mean? Even through our ups and downs, we can all come together and work it out. Lets' do our three things, so how long does it take you to get dressed every morning. No time, I usually wear black. I have an entire closet that is only black, and then my colors. Her stuff is in another place. Yeah. I have black skinny jeans, black leather jeans, black lace skirts, black, so you can just pick anything and throw it on. A red lip and shades and I'm done. Really? Even in the summertime? Even in the summer because then you can just throw in a little black silk dress, a little black lace skirt, I just love to throw my black and my black Jeffrey campos, a big huge piece of jewelery and then some big shades. That's who I am in real life. I actually wore black like the first six weeks of filming. In L.A.? In Los Angeles. It was see through black sometimes, but it was black. So you know, you're a big music lover music, music maker. Who are the people, like what's the last album that you bought? Last album that I bought was London Grammar, I also bought American Authors. What else did I buy. I just bought a first aid kit. I went to a, like an indie music store and they had first aid kits there. So I'm really into the indie music scene, and I also like alternative music a lot, yeah. Can you tell us one thing about yourself that people would be really surprised to know. That I'm really into alternative music. I think people are surprised when they hear that. I never aspired to be a R&B singer. I was always in alternative rock bands, I was always with guitars, I was always jumping up and down. Do you know what I mean? With my hands in the air. So being a R&B singer is every single day a new world to me. Which is why I'm excited about the lyricist Opus. It's an album that I'm putting out on my own dime. I hired an orchestra, a rock guitarist who is my best friend. And we put together some really, really cool stuff. It's R & B, soul, rock, gospel, and country music, all different, all five of those sounds on one piece. When do we get to hear that? You'll hear it on September 16th, which is my mother's birthday. I'm super excited about it. I'm really stoked.