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[MUSIC] My name's Roblé, I'm a chef, I'm a restaurateur, I'm a caterer. [MUSIC] The moment that I first fell in love with food. I had that was, it wasn't good. It pissed me off. I've made it my mission to never have a bad meal again. And the way I went about doing that was to start teaching myself how to cook. So Streets. Yes. Love the name. Thank you. So tell me a little bit about what we might find in the menu here. It's global. Food from all over the world. Familiar things, but from different places. It's the all around the world All-Star treatment. It's really cool. And then also our cocktails. Our cocktails are something else. One out! Yes thank you. The biggest motivating factor in my life I would say is my family. My mom, My father, who isn't here anymore, but I know he's looking out. My sisters and brothers. I wanna make sure everybody's straight, I wanna make sure everybody can afford to go to school and get their education. That means I need to work hard, and make this money. So, how long did it take you to open this place, tell me a little bit about the process. About a year and a half or so? You know, we spent a good nine months just on Manu development alone. Take your time, anything worth doin' well is worth spending time on. [MUSIC] Tell me how you got your start. I had a couple of cookin' jobs during high school, after high school I went to culinary school, almost graduated. Huh. Ran out of money, I was like you know what? I'll just finish in real restaurants. And yeah, just started cooking and got blessed to work with some really talented people and here I am. Well, I can't wait to taste what you're preparing for us today Yeah, I'll hook up a little something for you [music] So I'm about to sample the spicy Korean octopus, but first, we take a photo. [SOUND] Because it's not every day that Chef [INAUDIBLE] makes a meal. Now that's done, dig in. [MUSIC] How do I want people to feel when they take the first bite of my food? I think I can sum that up in one word. A food-gasm, or a mouth-gasm. [SOUND] Something like that. My relationship with food and cooking today, I live it, I breathe it, I eat it, no pun intended. It's just what I do. Cooking for people and showing people a good time is what makes me happy. You know, like I want to send people home happy with a full stomach and maybe a couple drinks in them. [MUSIC]

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