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[MUSIC] Major key alert. DJ Khaled has teamed up with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula lotion. Now our favorite lotion has our favorite DJ's slogan emblazoned across their bottle. Like Live Life Smooth, We the Best Glow, and my personal favorite, They Block. It's genius. But these are limited edition, so get them now. Baby it's cold outside, which is why I am. Reaching for favorite Henley Top by American Giant hands down American Giant make my favorite sport wear the fabric is so thick and luxurious and comfy I really in love with this new design they have I think you all will love it too. So we all love MAC cosmetic [UNKNOWN]. But they have created fragrances for their most iconic lipstick colors. So for instance, the ruby roux fragrance is sultry, deep, and totally commands attention, just like the lipstick. And heroin is completely intoxicating, just like the lipstick. All right guys. That's it for now, but tune in for more Dope Stuff on my desk next week. [MUSIC]
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