[BLANK_AUDIO] Here's our first video question. [MUSIC] Hi, my name is Phoebe. These Flat Tummy teas are all over the Internet. My question is do they They really work? I gotta know this go ahead. [LAUGH] Dr Lynn or. Well I was just gonna chime in, they ar all over the place and it turns out that the way that it works is that it has something called sienna in it. Senna is a laxative, and it's like E-lax, basically. So, it will make you run, and I guess it could make your stomach flat, for the time being. But, the long term effects of it. It's not a cure all. It won't help you lose any significant amount of weight. It also has a diuretic in it. So then, it makes you urinate a little bit more. So, all those things are dehydrating, and In the short term it could make your stomach a little flatter but in the long term it's really not helpful. The best thing to do to get your stomach flatter is work on your diet and exercise. It's ab work, right? Yeah. Diet and exercise. So really you should for diet, you really should have lean meat, protein, lots of fruits and vegetables and tons of water. So ladies out there. Make sure you like exercise, a little bit exercise just 30 minutes a day. So for me, I eat like breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then I walk like ten minutes after each meal. And that's my 30 minutes. That's all you need. All right. That's all. Yeah. So basically, you'll like the way the scale looks ladies because you will poop a lot, and you will pee a lot. So the scale will look great. But it's really not Effective way to lose weight, you're just basically losing nutrients and water. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Apr, 07, 2017

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