I am your senior lifestyle and relationships editor for Essence.com, welcome to my home, come on in. I am here with lifestyle expert Patrice DeWilliams, hey girl. Hey, what's up? Thank you so much for coming and helping me get my closet situation together, girl. Yeah, we're going to get it together. You're in good hands. Thank you, because I need it, because I'm a Hoarder, guilty, there is a lot of stuff in there. People are intimidated because they are so much stuff in their closet, but one key tip, start small, start in one area. So we're just gonna do your clothes today. Okay. Clothes only, not the accessories, not the shoes. So start small, and it's not gonna feel so overwhelming. It's all about compartmentalizing, so we're gonna KEEP. [SOUND] The KEEP, obviously stuff that you're gonna keep. Keep in your closets. Stuff you love, stuff that you wear a lot. Everything. [LAUGH] Not everything. We're gonna trash. [SOUND] Trash, not exactly trash. You know, one woman's trash is another diva's treasure. >True. So, stuff that you're gonna donate. And, we're gonna cash. [SOUND] Cash, this is the trendy item, stuff that's really hot right now. You can actually resell stuff and make a little bit of money, so. To buy a few more clothes. Maybe we'll talk, maybe, [LAUGH] [LAUGH]. [MUSIC] What do you think? I'm not married to either one. No? Trash. So trash? [NOISE] Yeah. Dump them. Get rid of them. Easy, easy, easy. Striped cool number? Like her. Yeah? So we're keeping her then? We're keeping her. She's a keeper. Cash. [NOISE] [MUSIC] [NOISE] [MUSIC] [NOISE] [MUSIC] Down. Bye, bye. [NOISE] This one? She's a keeper. [NOISE] She's a keeper. Okay. [MUSIC] >Okay, so Patrice has blessed me with a major closet makeover. My closet is empty but now it's time for the trash portion of it where we're throwing some stuff away. Exactly so it's not exactly trash, it's more of treasures for somebody else. So this is the stuff that you didn't want but you're gonna donate it so we need a garbage bag any bag that we're put the items into. But where do you take the stuff? Like where does it go? So there's so many places you can donate clothes so you can donate to a thrift shop, you can even donate to a friend who might be in need or something like that I think that often goes overlooked, but also if there's a women shelter In your area, especially like a lot of professional career gear, that can be kind of expensive so it can be great for a woman in need. [MUSIC] All right Charlie so we got our cash bin right here, so this is all the stuff that you can make a little bit of money off of right? Yeah its a lot of good stuff in here so how do I do it? Exactly so how do you do it, so you have a few options actually Actually so one you can actually take some of the items to a store near you, consignment shops maybe a bit more high end or even like some resale stores you can get cash for them or even like store credit. What about any apps is there anything I can use you know do it right from For my phone. Yes, we're all addicted to our phones anyways, so there are several apps that you can use. And I think that this top right here, what do you think about this one? I think it's perfect. And you know, people love it when they the tags on, right? Yes. So it still has the tags. Still has the tags on, so this is a NW New with tags. New with tags. New with tags. So you're gonna get a lot of bang for your buck with this. So we're gonna hang this up. Okay. And you're gonna take a really great photo. That's something that people overlook all too often. Not taking a good photo. Okay. You want all the details to shine. So like we said, it's got the tags attached, so you really want to really, really focus on that as well. And also the details. Now, all the stuff that I'm gonna sell. I've got it all piled up. Obviously, I'm trying to get rid of it, so where do I store it? So you don't wanna put it back in your closet, cuz that would defeat the purpose what we just did. Clearly. And I'm gonna keep it. No. You do not want, you're not gonna keep everything. We worked too hard. So you can take a suitcase Space and pack the items in there, maybe slide them under your bed. Okay. Or if you have like a decorative bin or basket or something like that. So you want to store them away, but so it's still accessible but with the items up really well cuz you're gonna sell these. Right. So you want to make sure that they're really nice and protected. [MUSIC] You got rid of the stuff that you want to trash or donate. Yes. We got the stuff that you want to cash in on and make a little bit of money. Cha-ching. And now we have this beautiful closet. The racks aren't full anymore. I love it. And it looks really good. What about the items that we want to keep that we don't know what to do with? Everyone has items like that. And the great thing is now that your closet is cleaned out, you can figure out how to remix those pieces. Funny you should say that. You see that silver blazer right there? Okay, so this one. Yes. Right here. I love her. I bought her online. She talked to me. Me, and every morning I look at her, and I just don't know how to wear this. So she's really gorgeous, and it's got this gorgeous metallic to it. So I would say, match it with these loafers right here. These pointed-toe loafers would be really great. Okay. Or even if you wanna mix and match your metals, go for this moto boot that has the gold detail here. I love this hardware, so it has more of a And you feel to it, and since you love wearing black, I think this is such a statement piece, wear this with all black and you're gonna be good to go. Beatrice girl, thank you so much for helping me get my closet in order. You're welcome, it was easy. And it looks so much better, I feel lighter in this outfit, it's happening. You guys for more lifestyle hacks visit Essence.com bye bye. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Mar, 14, 2017

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