Chrissy Teigen Puts All of John Legend on Display

Chrissy Teigen recently shared a piece of John Legend that the world had yet to see on her Instagram page in an effort to combat the app's strict nudity policy. Are we slaying the move or throwing major shade? Find out!

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 09, 2015
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Always outspoken, Chrissy Teigen is constantly battling Instagram be reposting some of her revealing pictures which were taken down by the app due to nudity. In an effort to win the war and to possibly one up Beeper's viral booty pic, Anna. Did you all see the Beeper booty? I did. Anna ain't talking about that. Look. I saw your face. You're lying. Teigen post a pic of her husband deriere with the caption at Instagram. Do we slay Chrissy because she's making a point against Instagram's very strict nudity policy? Or do we shade her because she made the point at the expense of her husband? Here we go ladies, one, two, three, slayed or shade? La shade. The slayed? Okay. So Yolanda's on the fence, Sharia's slayed. But I'm gonna give her just a tad bit of slayed because I never saw John Legend in that way. Exactly. Until the photo. And you needed to. [CROSSTALK] Give us some relationship point of view here. You know if that's okay within their relationship, obviously I doubt she would post a picture of her husband's **** without betting if he wasn't comfortable. She's that type of personality, he knew what he married, she'd been posting sexy posts We've seen her tatas. We've seen everything. So he knows who he's sleeping with every night, and if they're fine with it, I'm totally fine with them pushing the boundaries and having us all reconsider what's appropriate, so play. Slayed, Delonta? Well, I'm still shade, because I like Chrissy, but there are moments where I'm like, there are bigger fights to be fighting right now, and I don't know if nudity on Instagram is one of the big fights. Especially with a husband like John who is a social activist, I feel like there are other things that could be happening. That's true. She could be pushing, but Because you know that's their relationship. If he says that's okay, I'm sure she had to get his approval before she posted it. So- Well, now that you brought that up, I have to ask you, do you think it kind of diminishes him as an activist, if you're seeing his posterior? He's his own man. We all got a ****. No, no, I don't think so. No, but I think she has a platform that I just, I'm just one of those people, like, you could be doing other things Gotcha. Corey? So shade? I definitely agree with Yolanda. There are bigger Fight to fight. I again, his back. You see the definition. I wasn't even about the ****, it was like, he's got a nice body. A little sleekish. A little bit. A little bit. Initially did roll my eyes, I was like, Chrissy again. But then I really looked and I kind of zoomed in. I made, I took a picture of it. [LAUGH] And zoomed in. You went for it. Then I said, mm. Did you all see the meme where Rihanna, she said. No. There was a meeting where Rhianna was looking, and she's like hey John Legend. Damn. [LAUGH] Damn. So, you gotta watch that. I'm gonna have to do the sweet side. Now that might be the only shade is that every body's coming for her man now. Oops. Ooo. Oh, oh shouldn't have done it.