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[MUSIC] It feels so incredible to be a part of this [UNKNOWN] Campaign. [MUSIC] We love Beyonce to death and to just know that we are amongst other incredible women as well, you know, promoting self beauty and self worth, while also looking cute, you know? Just looking fire. [MUSIC] What I love most The most about the Ivy Park collection is how comfortable it is. Yeah. You never want something that feels restricting. Right. We feel like we're free birds need clothes. We have so many different pieces we can choose from. I love the body suits. And the sweat pants and the leggings. I am all about sweat shirt life. I love collection. I would have to say the best thing to wear is confidence. You could have on the craziest outfit, or the cutest outfit, and it won't look right. If you don't carry yourself like the queen you are. Definitely just be yourself in whatever part of life it is. It's cool because I'm being myself, it's fun because I'm being myself. [MUSIC]