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You know, we're taught to get our mammograms, we're taught to go to our doctors and have our regular annual visits. How do you look for that? Well you know, I think the most important thing to do is always listen to your body. I realize That I had an issue when my makeup artist discovered that the whites of my eyes looked discolored. Um-hm. So, if there's anything that you feel like, you know, if your skin looks different, anything on your body that just feels or looks differently, it never hurts to just go to a doctor. Um-hm. Because I think so many times we're like, oh, don't worry about it. You know, I'll get some extra sleep. I've been working hard or something, yeah. Yeah, I'll take some extra vitamins. But it can never hurt to just talk to your doctor, and that's what I did. Most definitely. And how's treatment been going for you? Where are you now in your journey? Fortunately, I'm done with treatment. Okay. I'm done with chemotherapy. I'm done with radiation. I think I still, they may show a little bit more of me doing that on the show. But it's a journey like But I celebrate every day. I'm not really waiting to celebrate at the end Right. When they're like, you know, no more cancer. I have to celebrate every day. Cause you know me, Dana. Like, we love life. We celebrate life. You always have this high energy, this big spirit. Yeah. Yeah. And I do love life. And now I've even learned that. Life really is a blessing. Mm-hm. And today I'm breathing, so I have to celebrate and just thank God for giving me another chance. No, I totally understand. So since your diagnosis and your treatment, how has your lifestyle changed? Have you Do you eat differently, do you work out more of how? I think my lifestyle has changed mentally. And spiritually. I've always had strong faith, I love God. But now like, it's like were really in a relationship now. It's like, I love Jesus before but now we are like Really, really BFF. Mm-hm. I always ate really healthy, so I think, for me, it was just important to continue that, but not to drive myself crazy. Right. Cuz I think it can be overwhelming. You hear don't eat this, you know that'll give you cancer. Pants that don't have that. And, it's like, sometimes that can stress you out and stress is so not good for the body. So, now, I've really, just, taken on meditation. And that has been, I think, the biggest change. Where, I'm like I am stressed, give me my meditation, my breath coach, Kathleen, and some lavender oil. So, like Those kind of changes have really helped me. And I've kind of sort of remove some toxins. So like I love beauty products, but I'm starting to make more beauty products just to help myself. Oh, okay. You know I'm making like shea butters, I was on Dr. Oz talking about how to make a shea butter. there was an all organic product. Those little changes that can be exciting but just not overwhelming. Right and make a big difference in the long run. Yeah, definitely and now too. I'm really about celebrating the now and being in the moment. I think that's so important because we worry so much about what happened before. Yah. Or some of us fret about things that happened in the past, things that we can't change. Or what's going to happen. And sometimes we build it up to be worse. [INAUDIBLE] You know. It's really going to- Celebrate now. Celebrate your life now, and celebrate the fact that you can share who are. Give a smile, give a hug, send a sweet text. Just encourage a friend. I still have that text you sent me over a year ago, by the way. Oh my gosh, you are so sweet. Just saying.