Black Women @ Work: Being Assertive, Not Aggressive

ESSENCE's Black Women @ Work panelists discuss how to be assertive (not aggressive) and remain your authentic self in the workplace.

ESSENCE.COM Apr, 06, 2015
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[NOISE] I'm wondering, specifically, how you all manage the issue of anger? I am very direct, and I do, you know, I'm not a, I'm gonna let this pass and it's not gonna be a big deal. What I need to make clear to people. Is you know, I, I'm certainly gonna treat you with respect and you know, and dignity, and I in turn expect the same. If you really are upset about something, you absolutely have to figure out the best way to articulate it. And to go and talk to people in a way that is firm and assertive, and the anger is still there, and the anger is what's, you know, motivating you to even speak on the issue in the first place, but you're much better off turning that anger into a productive conversation where you get results. That work for you, so it doesn't happen again, and so that you're less angry in the future. It's about being assertive, and not aggressive. So I think we often have to figure out how to really communicate effectively, and get our point across without putting the emotion in it. I think that's where we get a little bit tricked up at times. But there's a way to do it, and to still be your authentic self