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I'm really sorry, my mother already made me cry. [INAUDIBLE] So, thank you [INAUDIBLE] for the amazingly kind words and the wonderful introduction. Your work has such a profound impact on me and receiving, [COUGH] receiving this award for me today is an incredible honor. Excuse me, to the other honorees, I am inspired by each of you and I feel so blessed to be awarded alongside you today. To the women in this room, I am forever indebted to you. For every no that I've heard Your mere existence has been a welcome reminder to keep fighting. [APPLAUSE] Excuse me. [APPLAUSE] You all have changed my life by daring to be beautiful, intelligent, talented and trailblazing. Even when the rest of the world would rather you not be. They say that our dreams are God's voice inside of us. If that's true. You all have nourished my voice. And thank you is not a strong enough show of gratitude. To Essence, 15 years ago you put eight actresses on the cover of your May issue. And I don't know that you really understood how powerful that image was. That cover celebrated black actresses of every size, shape, and shade. It applauded the differences among us. It captured the intrinsic nature and indispensable quality of who we are and what we bring to this industry. But above all,. For a little black girl in Detroit, it was a validation. Excuse me. [LAUGH] This is getting ugly up here. [LAUGH] Thank you so much. [APPLAUSE] All right, it was proved that I would not be on this journey alone. That there was a sisterhood to belong to. And much like today. It was affirmation for my dreams. It showed me that this was possible. Being here today is not only a dream come true, but a monumental step towards fulfilling my purpose. I will never forget this moment, and how I was welcomed into this amazing community. Thank you. Thank you. [APPLAUSE]

Black Women in Hollywood: Iman Milner

Our short film winner thanks the other honorees in the room for blazing a trail for both she and other Black women everywhere.