The 'Get On Up' actress gives us the rundown on her current hair journey as she works the camera for the September issue of ESSENCEI am currently transitioning and not on purpose. Someone put some pariton in my hair and it it took the curl pattern out of my hair. So I'm in the process of letting it grow out and starting again. Actually my go to hair style is Frederick Douglass. I will, I will part [LAUGH] you, you see it? Yeah. [LAUGH] Yeah it, works with the dress, it works with jeans, you know, I even put a little earring on and eyelash. Let's go. I would say definitely have some castor oil or some facial oil or something like that. And you know, this is my advice to you, if you have hair texture like my own. Make sure you put oils in your body, not just on your scalp and in your hair. I learned that today. So, I'm telling you. Most of my hair crushes are of little girl. Because you know, their, their mom you know, brushed their hair every day. And greased the scalp, would take care of it. I'm like you're so, so lucky. You know, all of the six year olds, with dope pony tails
Aug, 01, 2014

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