The “Power" star on female fan appreciation and real men versus boys.[MUSIC] Hi, Essence dot com, I'm Charli Penn, Essence dot com's relationships editor, and we are here with the lovely Omari Hardwick. That's a great introduction. Why, thank you. Men don't get called lovely enough. Well, our readers love you. I'll call you lovely a lot. Hi, Essence dot com, how are you? We're going to play This or That. You familiar with the sound. We did it as kids, right? Yes. Stilettos or sneakers? [UNKNOWN] Sneakers. Because sneakers say a lot about the girl's ability to lay low and be relaxed and cool out and be mellow and, you know, have a tough nature. I like that. And then all of a sudden when she rocks the stilettos, you're truly paying attention. You know, we warmed you up, are you ready for some tougher questions? Oh, really? Yeah that was a. That was a warm up. I'm on the hot seat. ESPN ain't got nothing on that sister. How does a man know when he is in love. I think when the predictability of the other girls that are in his black book, vs the one that he can't quite figure out, is when he's like okay, this one's different. I would say that, that a real man, not a boy. And there's a lot of. Appreciation And there's a lot of 50 year old boys [LAUGH] so I would say that a real man is, is quite baffled and confused as to his, his reason for falling for this person and that's probably a great indicator that you kinda of are in our your head [INAUDIBLE] So not knowing is kinda knowing Yeah I like that. You are very Chris Paul. Fallen on you through the lob. Maybe I was Blake Griffith. So you're, you're starting a power. Define a powerful woman. Well she first of all has to be unpredictable enough right? You know, in conjunction with that. Last answer. You know, as you continue to date them, you might find things that are not so powerful. Which is what you want. I think a powerful person equally is cool with their flaws, and the things that aren't great about them, you know. And, ya know, we feel bored as men, if we care cuz we're so used. To fixing. And then you guys are used to never going anywhere, you know? Y'all are so faithful and so, women are amazing lovers. We suck at that. Ha, the women are loving everything you do. And women staring from corners, like I, I know you Yeah, screaming, you know that's really interesting, because I, you know, I don't know. Sometimes I scream back I would love to see that. Speaker A : Do you scare now. Speaker B : Yeah, I try to. Speaker A : O my god. Speaker B : Because then it diffuses everything, it is like common man I am ready. be cool. They aspect that you understand why they did not say "hi I am so and so", nice to meet you I am a fan of your work, can I get a picture? They aspect that you understand that they are just going for the chase. I mean I would say go for the [xx] no chases. Can I get a picture ? . Speaker A : And they know you.they know everything about. Everything. They think they do. They think they do. That's the problem. Absolutely. They think, so you know, we enjoy these moments of you allowing us to give the fans, you out there, the opportunity to know that we are normal, we use the bathroom just like you, we get scared of the boogeyman under the bed just like you, you know. You now. And so, it's an interesting transition for me. I'm trying my best to embrace it. Well, we have been really happy to have you today. Thank you for sitting in the hot seat. [CROSSTALK] And now I know you're jealous. I can tell, thank you.
Jul, 23, 2014

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