Real men share their worst Valentine's Day memories.[MUSIC] Tell me about the worst Valentine's Day you've ever had. What happened? The worst. I was waiting, She was a no show. Oh no. How long did you wait? About an hour. It was probably the year I lost my job, three days before Valentine's Day. I mean, not that it mattered to her, but, you know, it mattered to me. You wanna, you want it to be something special, but I think that was the worst. But, one of the most embarrassing things I tried to set up, a special night for my wife, at a hotel in Detroit. And, I had everything set up. And, they were going to come in and make the arrangements. Lay out rose petals, and all that good stuff. So, I walk in the room with my wife, which was supposed to be a surprise. And, the woman from the hotel is there, actually laying everything out. So, it was completely messed up. The surprise was a little bit ruined. I took a young lady on a Valentine's Day dinner. After looking at the menu, she's like, there's nothing on here that I like. And I'm like what are you talking about. She's like yeah all they have is filet mignon. What is that? Well honestly one time I had a date. All set up and everything, but she never showed up. Oh no. You know, you're not the first gut to tell me that today. I know that. Do women do that a lot. What's going on. See but the thing is. That her excuse was. [INAUDIBLE] She was not feeling well supposedly, but yeah, but I found out later that she was doing her own Valentine's thing. After we got the bill for the date, and I think the bill was very high and I was left at the table. She left me. She left you? Yeah, she left me at the table with the bill, which I didn't mind because I would've paid for it. But she left me there, and that was embarrassing because the people that were there were like well, where's your date? Wow? Yeah, like where's your date at, so I was left with the bill. How do you make a woman feel special for Valentine's Day? Buy her some nice dozen roses. That's it? What else? Take her out, have a good meal. Where would you take her? To a nice, special restaurant. Day we can go through without arguing. That will be it. And, you know, just two people enjoying each other's time, the entire time. Valentine's Day is just, honestly, is just, I don't think it's a national holiday, but I think it's just, you know, a chance to show affection. To your significant one, but I think you should do that every time, right. I've got three beautiful girls that are seven, five, and almost three, and we try to spend as much time together as possible. And days like Valentine's are really important to it.
Jul, 28, 2014

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