[BLANK_AUDIO] From her golden dress and breath taking performance in that chair to Blue Ivy clapping for her mommy, it was all about Beyonce at the Grammy's And although B did grab two trophies herself, some folks are side arming Adele offer for decide to share her Grammy for album of the year with her. And for applauding Beyonce music for what it did for her. Black friends. Sydney Portis wrote on Facebook I wonder if Beyonce would have done the same thing had she won the Grammy. I doubt it. Gregory A. Butler wrote on Essence.com, so you're mad at Adele for not being a grad school perfect intersection womanist? Here's an idea, why not graciously appreciate her comments In the spirit in which they were intended? And that's where the black friends comment. Amber Peddy wrote, Beyonce is not a representative of all women. She is a representative for black women. Adele knows this and pad homage to what Beyonce represents for her culture. I appreciated and immensely respected that. Okay, Essence Live fan, weigh in. Do you think Adele was sincere in her Grammy comments about Beyonce? Send us your votes now because we're taking your comments next. So [UNKNOWN] says yes, Adele was sincere. People are used to people being shady, that they mistreat True sincerity which is interesting point, Maria Harrison said Adele knew that she did in the service so she did that guilt lady comment Uh-oh. Ivan Right Johnson says I truly believe that Adele will be genuine to, she is very humble I know she's been hurt so many times so she wants to do right thing and one of my favorite from Terry but. Who said when Adele said my black friends I was immediately like gulp here comes the backlash. I felt good about Adele's comments, didn't you Pilar? I thought she was sincere. When she first started to speak I was thinking 2014 Grammies, Maclemore, Kendrick Lamar. Like what's happening right now? take your Grammy and just say thank you. But I heard the whole thing and I do think she was sincere.>> And let's not forget she broke the award in half. That's huge. That happened.>> Touching. I felt.>> Well things K-LOVE. Okay it's time to see the results from our viewer poll. We asked, do you think Adele was sincere in her comments about Beyonce at the Grammy's? And here are the results of your votes. 98% yes. And 2% no. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Feb, 16, 2017

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