From the Don Lemon/Talib Kweli on-air argument to the Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey split, here’s what we’re chatting about this week. [MUSIC] Welcome to I'm Dana Johnson, and we are back, as promised, with more seven things we're talking about. Jumping into number one with a few updates in news, a CNN anchor who caused a wave of controversy has suddenly gone missing from her reporting duties. A few weeks ago, Rosemary Church sparked outrage, and an epic look of, Is this chick serious? From her co-host Errol Barnett, after she suggested that police use water cannons, you know, like the ones used during the civil rights movement, often accompanied by barking dogs, on protestors in Ferguson. After non-stop tweets of disapproval and calls for her firing. Earl showed of a new co-host on set last week, reporter Isa Suarez. What do you think Essence, was her removal or temporary absence warranted? Let us know what you think at @ESSENCE_Debates. There seems to be a lot of action at the news desk in the past couple of weeks. CNN's Don Lemon interviewed rapper Talib Kweli about why he chose to travel to Ferguson and participate in protests there. Didn't go very well, early on in the interview he came to Missouri partially because the media has been doing of making sure that the stories get out in the right way, which [UNKNOWN] took it as an opportunity to defend CNN's coverage. From there what could have been a really productive conversation between intelligent turns into like the worst kind of petty argument, Kweli took issue with a particular CNN headline, which. Defended. Then they start fighting about who greeted whom properly. Quite frankly, the point got lost in the interview and became a match between alpha males versus a true conversation around violence in and against our community. Since the interview, Qually has posted across the internet that he is sorry for the interview, and how it turned out, but he stands firm in his position and political point of view. On a much lighter note, in entertainment news. The couple that no one ever really saw coming together in the first place. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. Now appear to be separated. Cannon told Hollywood Insider that the couple has been living apart for months. There seems to be a lot of legal paperwork involved as neither party are allowed to speak about the details of the separation. However, according to Radar Online, people are speculating that Nick's father James Cannon used a series of cryptic messages recently on his Facebook page as a glimpse into the issues surrounding his 33 year old son's. Crumbling marriage to Carry. Questions such as, here's the thing, if the husband says no lies, and the wife lies all the time, what should that man do? However, the elder Cannon insists that his original message was taken out of context by small minded people who thought he talking about another man's business. He goes to say the question he posed were taking from his book, the Calling. Plug, plug, which he published in 2011. Next up in music news, rapper Wiz Khalifa had to cancel a concert following a shooting death at his performance near San Hose, California on August 22nd. The rapper was due to take his under influences music tour to sleep train Ampa theatre near San Diego, but it was postpone due to an active investigation. Wiz, who's real name is Cameron [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] posted two tweets on Saturday afternoon calling the killings a senseless tragedy and added, violence is never the answer, my prayers go out to the victims family. The police are still searching for a suspect believed to be a man in his twenties, a motive is not yet known. While the award show weekend was gearing up, Chris Brown's pre VMA party at Los Angeles One Oak, came to an abrupt end after shots rang out injuring three. One of which was Death Row Record founder, Shug Night. Any who it's important to know that the party was in no way affiliated with MTV and that all victims are said to be in stable condition. The attended target has not yet been identified. Nor have potential suspects been identified, hm, I have some speculation on this, but we'll keep our eyes on it, essence dot com. In actual award show news, everyone was talking about the VMA's or should I call them the BMA's as Beyoncé had the world captivated with her performance that closed out the show. Beyoncé was the 2015 recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. And that performance proved why she is, in fact, the queen. However it is Baby Blue who stole the show with her dancing on papa whole's lab during Flawless. I wonder how many times she's seen that routine. The show also included a seeming wardrobe malfunction from female MC Nicki Minaj. And a performance of her new single, Anaconda, that had many in the audience just a tad bit puzzled. Tasteful or over the top, let us know what you think @essencemag. Wrapping up this week, I wanna turn your attention to the glitz and glam that is the Emmys red carpet. Our gals were doin' it this year. Angela Basset served Grecian goddess while Viola gave pops of color and cleavage. This is a different look for her, but you could definitely call it fabulous. The talented ladies of Orange is the New Black brought chic sophistication, and showed that there is a whole lot underneath those jumpsuits. Last but not least, our girl, Kerry Washington brought a polished [INAUDIBLE] to the red carpet in Prada, which only made me even more excited for the premiere of Scandal. Congratulations ladies for representing. Well, there you have it, that's seven things we're talking about this week. I will catch you right here on next time. [MUSIC]
Aug, 28, 2014