From Nicki Minaj's provocative album cover to Lauryn Hill's dustup with an audience member to Stephen A. Smith's regrettable domestic violence comments and so much more, here's what we're talking about this week.[MUSIC] What's up I hope you're having a beautiful week, because I am. I'm Dana Johnson, and this, 7 Things We're Talking About. And trust me, there's a lot going on this week. So let's jump right into it with number one. We are half way through the summer. Many of us have one foot in, one foot out of the gym. We are more concerned with barbecues, vacations, fighting the frizz, and getting those last few beach days squeezed in. However our girl Nicki Minaji, is using her summer bikini to promote her new album anaconda. In a big way, the nearly naked cover is controversial on two fronts. Get it? Two fronts. One, new images have leaked showing that the picture is heavily photoshopped. Second, some critics call the cover vulgar, but my girl Nicki snapped back with a very valid point. There are many popular men's magazines each month that post women in swimsuits. Scantily clad dresses all the time, and no one calls them vulgar. Do you think it's a double standard here that is, I don't know, anti-curs? Let me know at Essence mag. Next up, we would like to wish Essence cover girl Zoe Saldana a big congratulation on her pregnancy. While Saldana still hasn't broken her silence on expecting, her and hubby Marco Perego's. First child together. Her maternity style is definitely on point. The actress, rumored to be pregnant with twins has been on red carpets everywhere promoting her new film, Guardians of the Galaxy. Moving right along, songstress Lauren Hill had to drop some education or two on a heckler during her show at Chicago's House of Blues. According to TMZ, the fan began to taunt Ms. Hill because she started the performance 50 minutes later than reported to schedule. The Grammy winner then called the heckler out. From the stage, asked security to remove him and refund his money. But [UNKNOWN] didn't stop there, she went on to say that she performs because she loves it and not because she owes anyone anything. Next up in the news there are new cases of Ebola in West Africa that have officials claiming the outbreak to be the deadliest ever. To date roughly 1,093 people in New Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia are thought to have been infected by Ebola. Since its symptoms were first observed four months ago according to the World Health Organization. Of that number, roughly 60% have died. Officials believe the Ebola outbreak has taken such a strong hold in West Africa because of the proximity to the jungle, where the virus originated. Sadly, the Ebola virus recently claimed the life of Dr. Sheik Umar Khan, a leading physician who was on the frontlines fighting the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. Also making headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Popular sports anchor and commentator, Stephen A Smith's remarks on domestic violence. After a video surfaced of NFLer Ray Rice. Dragging his then fiance, now wife, unconscious, out of an elevator, after the two allegedly attacked each other at an Atlantic City casino. The NFL suspended Rice for only two games. Which is a whole other conversation. But Steven A Smith's remarks sent social media and network criticism through the roof. Smith started off his discussion with co-star Skip Bayless/? by saying men have no business putting their hands on a woman. But he didn't stop there. He continued going on a rant that seemed to suggest violence is sometimes warranted if it's provoked. Recently, Stephen A. Smith owned up to making most egregious error of. His career. And the admission and apology came during a tech segment aired at the start of ESPN2's first take. Since the apology however, Smith has been suspended from air for one week. I guess the Golden Rule still applies. Keep your hands to yourself. Now this is an eyesore that many of us see, unfortunately, daily. Sagging pants. And, of course, paired with the typical plaid boxers. But a Florida city councilwoman, tired of seeing young men walk the streets of Ocala with their underwear showing. Finally convinced her fellow council members to put a stop to it after a 5 year battle. The [UNKNOWN] passed July 15th in a unanimous vote, makes it illegal to wear pants too inches before the natural waist with violators facing a penalty, of possible jail time and a fine of up to $500. Guys. This includes the city owned or leased properties, sidewalks, streets and parks. But not everyone agrees with the anti-sag push, including mayor Kent Guinn, who may veto it. We asked, and here's what some you had to say about it during our lunchtime debates at Essence debates. At Ms Chaela said, but can you really tell people what to wear, just because you're tired of seeing it? That's really where the problem lies. Wow, at Liz Legunses said, I agree with the saggy pants being banned. I hate seeing other people's underwear and ****, it's embarrassing. Let us know your thoughts, at SS Mag. In entertainment news. The cast of the Best Man series returned to celebrate the group's most unexpected wedding to-date titled, "The Best Man Wedding," will return with writer and director, Malcolm Lee. Presently scheduled to be released on Friday, April 15th, 2016, the announcement did not include any casting updates, but I can't imagine Universal Pictures wanting to deviate from the hit success that was "Best Man Holiday." I mean the chemistry on-set garnered 30.1 million dollars opening weekend and over 70 million total at the box office. I know we're gonna keep our eyes on this one essence. And well there you have it that's 7 things we're talking about this week I'm Dana Johnson and I'll catch you right here on next time bye.
Aug, 01, 2014

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