Solange addresses elevator-gate, King James heads back to the Cavs, ESSENCE Festival highlights, and more are what's on our minds at the top of the week of July 14.[MUSIC] What's up Essence. I'm Dana Johnson and this is seven things we're talking about this week. We're gonna jump right into it with Solange. She is on the cover of Lucky Magazine looking as stunning as ever. She also addresses a love gator bait, sort of. She acknowledges that she is aware that there is a ton of speculation on what caused the incident, but and I quote. The most important thing is that our family has worked through it. We, Jay and Solange, both acknowledge our role in this private matter that has played out in the public. We have apologized to each other and we have moved forward as a united family. Translation: #MindYourBusiness, #BuyMoreOnTheRunTickets. Now this one is going to throw you for a loop. So brace yourself, Essence. Retailer J. Crew announced a new triple 0 size, yes, I said 3 0s. For women with a 30 and a half inch bust and a mere 23 inch waist. I never had that problem but apparently Barbie has a credit card, folks, because I have never. Ever seen this too small problem before. It is a part of the new movement called, vanity sizing, meaning the actual cut of the clothes is a little larger and the size tag a smidge smaller, so women feel good about themselves in the dressing room. What do you think about this movement? Let us know at Essence Mag. So, brace yourself ladies. ESPN the Body Issue is out. Hello, eye candy! [LAUGH] Always a favorite to look at, not to mention to remind me why I need to get to the gym. [COUGH] It is cover subject Prince Fielder, drawing all the attention. His non tradition frame has men. And women praising his confidence. I mean, you know, gotta look at those thighs. I could talk about this for days but this is just a two minute show. So be sure to check that out on newsstands. Next up, my fellow Capricorn LeBron James has finally announced that he will return to Cleveland next season. Well, fans are suspicious about the move because LeBron only signed a two-year contract. They feel like it's not a real commitment. However, the James camp is quick to shoot down these rumors, stating that it was a business position, James could have taken a four-year contract worth more than $80 million from the Cavs, but he will now be able to negotiate a better contract in two years, and also has the choice to opt out after one season to renegotiate next summer. I get it. Few mil. Can't just leave that on the table. But of course, only time will tell. The Essence Festival. Hello, we had a blast. 20th anniversary, and we did it big for NOLA. Our celebs also had a blast and a few surprises for attendees. Erykah Badu brought out Dave Chappelle. And Trayvon Martin's mother, Amadou Diallo's mother, and Sean Bell's fiance came together for a really moving moment on stage with Al Sharpton. It was a great tribute. For all of the details, check it our Festival Highlights, right here on in the festival section. Pepsi Co. CEO interviewees candid and controversial admission that she doesn't think women can have it all prompted conversation around water coolers and kitchen tables everywhere. Even with reality star KIm Kardashian. Apparently the loving member of team Kimye feels that Kinda is sending the wrong message. Women can have it all. She believes and I quote, "If anyone feels like they can't do it all, I feel like it's a little bit discouraging to say that, even if I couldn't and it wasn't even possible, I would try and I would, you know, try my best to do it all. Kim, my love, I truly adore you, however...". Let's keep it a hundred and cute with a K if you will. Are you really comparing your work which is to be paid to be yourself. To that of a CEO of a major fortune five hundred company. Though Indra is going well financially her resources and ability to jet set with any number nannies on a whim is no where near the lifestyle your speaking of Kim. So let's just keep it moving along. In entertainment news. Get On Up, the James Brown film, will hit theaters August 1. Chadwick Boseman returns to the big screen as James Brown, and also stars Octavia Spencer, Jill Scott, Tika Sumpter, and Viola Davis. Please be sure to check this out in a theater near you. Well, that's it for this week, folks. I will check you right here on next week for more 7 things that we're talking about. I'm Dana Johnson, see you next time.
Jul, 23, 2014

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