Celebrity Hairstylist Josue Perez gives 5 styles to rock from now until the end of summer.Hi. I'm Josue Perez, and today I'm gonna show you five easy summer looks that you could do while transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. The first look is a soft, easy French twist. It's really good because it's off the neck, helps cover any kinda, like, damage or growing hair that you have towards the end cuz you're tucking it all in the back. And it actually goes really well with any occasion if it's something casual or fancy. What makes this hair styling so simple and easy is, With your natural hair, all you have to use is your hands. So, you wanna first start by combing the right side of the hair. With your hands. And, just, pinning just a few of the back pieces with the body pin. This will help the sides stay a little smoother. Just about three bobby pins in the back should do. And then, from this on, you want to grab all the hair that's remaining and just literally twisting up and bringing, feeding all the hair all in. And then from there, you add some bobby pins. Or some hair pins to secure, and this goes like I said, with any occasion, if it's going out party, red carpet. And there you go. Our next look, we're gonna just do a nice high ponytail. But it's more of a, kind of like a ball shape kind of bun which is nice and the great thing about natural hair is you can always add accessories which we are gonna add some really cool little headband piece you know, so let's do it. This is all meant to be really easy so your hands are really your number one tool here. So, you wanna grab the hair. Do it in a nice high Tinker Bell bun. There you go. And from here, use a little brush here to back comb a little bit. That's gonna create the fluff a little bit and then from here you kinda create their little ball. Their little donut ball. And you kinda just. Roll it up here. And then with some hair pins, just slightly secure around the base. And like I said, accessories are always fun, so yep. There you have it. A nice bun with just a quick little twist. And the twist is. A hairpiece. Something to accessorize, fun look and it's, looks pretty summer to me. This is style's kind of cool, cuz it's, kind of very vintagey pin-up. So you want to start on the left side is roll all the hair and you're gonna keep following, feeding all the hair all around. And the same thing on this side, roll it all the way. Feeding it until the back. This gives it that vintage old shape, and then from here simple as some hair pins to secure. And here we could choose [MUSIC] Okay. There ya go. A nice do, vintage look, and of course, a little band to accessorize with your outfit. And it's also good, cuz it. Gets your sweat. Helps cover the fly aways or any grays you have, if you have. And you're all set. First you want to start at the top of the head. You want to grab the first section of hair on top, and split it in two. And then, from here, just feeding [MUSIC] Hair behind, one section overlapping. And this is great because as you're creating this, you could choose a side. If you wanna go left, let's go right. You could do it all the way to the end. And once you get to the end, it's pretty much a braid. And it's optional. You can let it hang loose. Or tuck it in. I kinda like to tuck it into the back cuz it creates this whole effect. [MUSIC] And just adds some, a few bobby pins in the back and you're all set. All these hairstyles are only with your hands. Not really much tools. And that's what's great about natural hair. And there you go. The mohawk. It is. Very fashionable, funky. Very rock and rolly. And it's also good for the warm weather cuz it's out of your neck. So it's also simple to do with your hands, with your natural texture. And some bobby pins. So you wanna start with kinda shaking out the hair a little bit. Kinda creating that texture [UNKNOWN] cuz we're gonna use it for the height. And then simple as. Bringing the top up with your raking, raking it with your hands. Then applying some pins. You can go as high as you want. Every style is different, you gotta make it your own. And just making it kind of a twist. It's always nice to kind of maybe create something in the little back. Maybe like a, maybe like a nice. Use fishtail or a braid in the back. Kind of just guide it and then if you want, you can add very loose pins here just to kinda keep the structure a little bit. Then you're all set.

Aug, 11, 2014

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