Countdown to the 20th Anniversary of the Essence Festival July 4th weekend in New Orleans. Number 20. I mean I remember, the first time ever coming to Essence as a spectator. This is before the world knew who Raheem DeVaughn was and then seeing one of the dopest shows Boyz II Men. Aretha Franklin, I think was on that show. Anita Baker, Mary J. Blige. Like this was, I mean, this was like many moons ago. Luther Vandross performed that night. Earth Wind and Fire I believe performed that night. Night. And I had, like, a great nosebleed seat. You know, of course, my seats have gotten better over the years. It's, it's, it's great to, be part of the experience, watch it grow as my, as my artistry develops as well. And I look forward to shining on the main stage someday. Buy your ticket and come back tomorrow as we continue to count down the 2014 Essence Festival Live in New Orleans July 4th weekend.
Jul, 26, 2014

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