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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] My name is Anthony David. I'm a singer/song writer/producer. I draw my inspirations from real life, my own life, other people's lives, conversations. I love it when it just flows. The places that we're seeing today Moods Music. They were the first people to support me. Actually when I had an EP that I wasn't signed to anybody they had it. And that's where you'll find that kind of stuff. You can find super rare. I mean how many music stores are there? Anywhere, anywhere now days. We're also gonna check out BQE, a new bar down the street from me. That's always been, that's a super [UNKNOWN]. That's my watering hole, I'm kinda there a lot. Maybe too much. The Beltline of course which is really revitalized the whole area. That is where it's connecting a lot of neighborhoods Bikes, people walking all the time. It's really, really making the community connect. [MUSIC] Being selected by Essence and Ford is a great opportunity for me and this will help me go further. Ford is a classic American brand. And I'm just proud to be a part of this program and particularly with a Mustang cuz that is the classic of the classics. Yeah, it was powerful first of all, I really wanted to get out somewhere and rev it up. [LAUGH] I mean, yeah the interior is awesome, I like connecting the music, the sound system is crazy. The sync capability, yeah that surprised me right off the back. As soon as I connected it showed up on the screen, my selection was there and I was ready to bat. I love the Mustang, [LAUGH] that's a classic. I love being in it and it's really solid. [MUSIC]
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