Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin Show Us What Being Happily Married for 20 Years Looks Like

It's the Martins' 20th wedding anniversary! While the years may change, Tisha and Duane's love for one another remains the same.

Charli Penn Aug, 17, 2016

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Do you know what today is? It's their anniversary! On August 17, 1996 Tisha Campbell Martin and Duane Martin were married and today they celebrate 20 years of marital bliss. We take a look back at their love through the years.

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Oh, hey prom pose!

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From the beginning, Tisha had Duane's heart.

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Throwback gold!

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We love it when the throwback love is real.

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Tisha and Duane are all smiles at the American Music Awards

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Date night at the Soul Train Awards matching with style and sophistication.

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The Martins, who are also parents to Ezekiel Martin, Xen Martin, stand united no matter where they go.

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The couple have often credited their success to being willing to stay grounded, communicate and try new things.

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We love that the Martin's signature pose is always holding each other close.

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Yup, they've always had the magic.

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Tisha and Duane have always been all about the love and less about the fuss. Martin proposed to Tisha at a Dennys restaurant in the middle of the night.

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A gorgeous couple both then and now.

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We love the way Tisha and Duane aren't afraid to give a little red carpet PDA for fans.

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A picture perfect couple for sure.

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The Martins looking date-night ready for the BET Anniversary party.

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The Martins making marriage look easy at a film screening in New York City.

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A sweet nuzzle from our favorite couple. Aww! Feels on feels on feels.

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The forehead kiss really says it all. The Martins make staying in love year-after-year look effortless.

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The Martins look happier than ever while posing for a selfie in Beverly Hills.


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