Tom Hanks Recalls Vacation With The Obamas And Oprah
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This story originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly.

Oprah Winfrey might be keeping mum on the star-studded Tahitian vacation with the Obamas, but Tom Hanks isn’t. The Circle star regaled Stephen Colbert with tales of his excursions with former President Barack Obama on The Late Show Friday night, and it turns out mountain biking wasn’t exactly a joy ride for “little Tommy Hanks.”

“I’ll tell you one thing that happens to Tom Hanks, little Tommy Hanks on that trip,” he said before declaring, “He gets screwed,” but “in the bad way, in the pejorative way, not in the delightful way.”


While experiencing a “crazy Love Boat, Sandals resort fantastic” vacation, “they say, ‘Hey, tomorrow let’s get, we’ll get some bikes,” Hanks explained. He noted “an array of bikes have been procured for us, rented from all corners of Polynesia and Tahiti, Bora Bora.” But when “everybody gets on their bikes and takes off” — including Secret Service — he’s left with the “one piece of junk, hunk-o’-junk bike.”

“I had a bike that you couldn’t deliver newspapers with,” Hanks said. What proceeded was an “up, up, up”-hill ride on a “rusted,” “undersized girls’ bike” with only “one gear.”

Pushing aside that experience, Hanks gushed over the memories. “Imagine what it could’ve been like. Triple it,” he said. “It was off-the-scale fantastic.”

Watch Hanks tell the story in the clip above.