When the latest exhibit at the museum is sold out, what would Russell Wilson do? Buy out the museum for a private night with his wife, Ciara, of course.

The NFL star knows how to keep the sparks flying between them. The couple recently spent a date night together at the Seattle Art Museum. The museum’s latest Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrors” exhibit has been all the craze this summer, and the Wilsons got the chance to enjoy a private experience and viewing of the popular interactive displays.

Russell may have paid to shut down the museum, but according to him, the ESSENCE Fest 2016 headliner really shut it down and her twerk in the “Infinity Mirrors” room is proof.  

His romantic gesture won several points with the songstress as she took to Instagram to share pictures of their outing. “When Ya Man Shuts Down The Museum For #DateNight… Still Got My Head Spinnin,” she shared. Ciara posted pictures of the couple enjoying the mirrors as well as the “Obliteration Room” where new visitors of the museum will have the task of finding the Wilsons sticker among the many placed around the room.  

She shuts down the museum. @Ciara #DateNight

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LOVE. Dot. Dot. Dot #YayoiKusama

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Aye...Pops 2 Infinity ☺️ 💃🏽

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Now this is what a great museum date should look like!


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