The 11 Most Delicious Margarita Recipes Ever (You’re Welcome)

Drink up in style with these unforgettable margarita creations!

Charli Penn May, 04, 2016

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This simple recipe for your favorite style of margarita, is simply everything. Find it here.

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The Pioneer Woman sure knows her margaritas. This sweet and delicious cocktail has your name on it. Find it here.

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Margaritas this good-looking must make an appearance on your Instagram feed before you down it. Deal? Find the recipe here.

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Libations don’t get any sweeter than this one, courtesy of How Sweet It Is Blog. Find the mouth-watering recipe here.

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Skip the muddling and just shake, strain and enjoy. Once again, you’re oh-so-welcome. Find the delicious recipe here.

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Meet smoky-flavored Margarita excellence realized. Oh yeah! Find the recipe (which includes Grand Marnier) here.

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We found the perfect spin on the classic margarita over at The Drink Blog. You’re welcome. Instructions here.

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This delicious recipe by Meghan K. Graham for Jose Cuervo is absolutely everything. Get ready for your taste buds to explode. Just yum. Get it here.

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The name truly says it all. Pour it up and thank us late. Recipe’s

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There’s nothing like a fresh margarita, and this delicious find over on Creative Culinary is the bees knees. Find it here.

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Spice, spice, baby! We found these babies over on Love & Lemons and we’re definitely in love. Find the recipe here.