13 Ways To Enjoy Watermelon That You Never Thought Of Before

Watermelon is a delicious summer staple, and these easy recipes put new twists on the classic favorite.

Lauren Porter Jul, 18, 2017

1 of 13 Delish

This recipe is the perfect combination of two fan favorites--watermelon and pizza. That sounds like the perfect summer eats idea. 

2 of 13 Macheesmo

There is nothing like a good smoothie no matter the time of year and this recipe gets it right every time.

3 of 13 Foodie Crush

Watermelon and basil is a delicious combination and once you add some cucumber, you'll want to take a bite out of this!

4 of 13 Nerdy Mamma

This recipe is one that the kids will love to help you make and eat!

5 of 13 Recipe Runner

One bite of this salad and you'll have a new summer favorite in no time. 

6 of 13 Vine Pair

This margarita recipe will remind you that it's 5 o'clock somewhere simply because every sip will be so refreshing! 

7 of 13 Two Peas & Their Pod

Calling all avocado lovers, this might your new summer salad go-to and there is definitely no shame in that!

8 of 13 Jennifer Meyering

Summer and sangria just goes together, right? Add in some watermelon and you've definitely got a new seasonal staple!

9 of 13 The First Year Blog

Obviously watermelon cupcakes are a good idea, forever and always!

10 of 13 Dashing Dish

Cool down from the warm weather temps with some delicious sorbet, you won't be disappointed!

11 of 13 Reluctant Entertainer

Salsa with watermelon? Sign us up!

12 of 13 Dixie Crystals

Step your sweet tea game up a notch with this recipe. It's divine!

13 of 13 Grill Lovers

You might just fall in love with watermelon all over again with one bite of this recipe!