17 Delicious Salad Recipes That Will Change Your (Lunch) Life

Jumpstart the season with a light and healthy lunch option you'll love.

Lauren Porter Mar, 28, 2017

1 of 17 Damn Delicious

Savor each and every bite with this salad and you'll be super satisfyied! 

2 of 17 Foodie Crush

Calling all avocado lovers--this recipe is for you! With a big dose of vitamins in this bowl, you'll get your yummy and your healthy all in one big bite!

3 of 17 Julia’s Album

Want something light and perfect to get you ready for the summer months? This salad with spinach, quinoa, strawberries, peaches, blueberries and mandarin oranges is perfect!

4 of 17 Peas and Crayons

Have some leftover chicken? Turn taco night into taco salad night with this recipe that will satisfy your craving some something savory and delicious!

5 of 17 The Roasted Root

Salmon in a salad is a delicious option and adding favorites like avocados, vibrant red peppers and some sweet blueberries makes this salad worth every flavor filled forkful. Don't forget the mango-basil vinaigrette dressing, this recipe offers it all! 

6 of 17 Lemon Tree Dwelling

It's the perfect combination of two classics--a BLT and a caesar salad! What can be better than this recipe?!

7 of 17 Cooking Classy

This salad is a light and healthy option to stock up on all your fruits and veggies. Doesn't it look delicious!

8 of 17 Go Eat and Repeat

Steak and salad? Yes please! We love this recipe so much. 

9 of 17 Cafe Delites

If there was any such thing as heaven in a bowl, it's this salad recipe right here! 

10 of 17 The Sweetest Occasion

Try tasting on the healthier side with this recipe. You won't regret it!

11 of 17 She Wears Many Hats

Kids these days are crazy about kale and this recipe proves why! This recipe is perfection. 

12 of 17 Ahead of Thyme

Come through, quinoa! This recipe is what health nuts crave plus it's easy, quick and gives you all the nutrition you need.

13 of 17 The Slow Roasted Italian

Get a taste of summer with this salad and you'll love every bit of it. 

14 of 17 The Creative Bite

Crunch away your hunger with this super satisfying slaw

15 of 17 Carls Bad Cravings

There is something sweet and salty and it's the wonderful blend of tasty flavors--how divine is this recipe!

16 of 17 Pocket Change Gourmet

Prep your lunch meal early with a meal in a jar like this salad. It'll make meal time wonderfully easy!

17 of 17 Reluctant Entertainer

Cobb Salads are a classic adding a little southern flavor with this recipe to your bowl is a cause for some yummy celebration!