11 Meals That Make Just Enough For Two

Who needs dinner reservations on a special night when you can cook something delicious with just you and bae in mind?

Lauren Porter Jun, 01, 2017

1 of 11 Pinch of Yum

There is nothing but a bowl full of yum with this recipe from Pinch of Yum.

2 of 11 Jessica N Wood

Chicken Pot Pies for you and your boo? What could be cuter!

3 of 11 Just A Pinch

Plan on giving taco night a twist with these Shrimp Fajitas. 

4 of 11 Baking Mischief

This recipe is quick, easy and definitely delicious!

5 of 11 Tablespoon

Turn dinner up a notch with this recipe. Your bae with thank you!

6 of 11 Damn Delicious

Put your slow cooker to good use with this recipe for Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies! 

7 of 11 Wry Toast

Try something new (and amazing) with this recipe--it won't disappoint!

8 of 11 Ambitious Kitchen

This spicy maple glazed salmon is all you'll need to make a meal to remember!

9 of 11 Eatwell 101

Go delicious and nutritious garlic lime chicken tenders and quinoa recipe!

10 of 11 Food & Wine

It's a meal you'll both want more of courtesy of Food & Wine.

11 of 11 Dessert For Two

Kick it up in the kitchen with this recipe for Chicken Mole Pasta.