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Get tips from other women doing big things.

Doubling Our Investment

In a time, where Black female entrepreneurship is on the rise, Pine-Sol and ESSENCE are committed to making a difference. The Build Your Legacy Contest was created to invest in these women, who are the backbone of their communities and who are contributing to the positive economic impact, right there, where they live. The contest kicked off March 1 and eventually had over six hundred entrants sharing their stories. To address that demand, we’ll now be doubling our commitment in these amazing women and giving a total of $200,000.

Now, not only will our Grand Prize winner receive $100,000, our two remaining semi-finalists will also receive $15,000 each. For additional support, all three will be partnered with an established business consultant to ensure they are set-up for success, and able to navigate what is unchartered territory for many! This guidance will be truly invaluable.

Finally, we will be awarding seven additional entrants $10,000 each for their business.

Pine-Sol and ESSENCE are proud of our commitment to empowering Black female entrepreneurs.



ESSENCE and Pine-Sol have partnered to award a Black woman entrepreneur $100,000 towards her business,
and we need your help in order to do so! Please check out the video interviews of our semi-finalists and cast your vote today!

Voting ends on July 1st.


Mary Blackford -
Market 7

Vote For Me 1

Tasha Danielle -
Financial Garden

Vote For Me 2

Paulana Lamonier -
Black People Will Swim

Vote For Me 3


What would $100,000 mean to your business?

Black women entrepreneurs, ESSENCE + Pine-Sol™ want to help you take your business to the next level.

Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs AND the most underfunded. ESSENCE + Pine-Sol™ are partnering to offer a $100,000 Legacy Award to help champion Black women and the entrepreneurial spirit. To enter you must have a registered business (LLC, Inc, etc).

How to Enter


Tell Us About You Create a 1-2 min. video introducing yourself, what you do, why you got started and what $100,000 would mean to you and your business.


Tell us About Your BusinessPrepare a copy of your business plan, business registration, and your investment plan for the money.


Apply EasilyLastly, fill out a quick application, upload your video and your business documents.

Apply by April 15, 2020

Read Rules and regulations


Passing it forward

Lessons and tips from other women in charge.


Build Your Legacy Contest

Pine-Sol & ESSENCE Team Up To Support Black Woman Entrepreneurs With The “Build Your Legacy” Program.



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Brandice Daniel and Sybil Amuti, Co-Hosts of “The Great Girlfriends Podcast,” share lessons learned and tips for self-care, balance and building your legacy.