The 31 Funniest Church Signs Ever

These churches have jokes, and we love it. We present the most hilarious church signs ever photographed and shared online for all to enjoy.

Charli Penn Aug, 15, 2016

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We've all been there: You're riding down the street, you look over and spot a church sign that's saying way more than what time sunrise service starts. You break into laughter, whip out your camera and snap a shot just for Instagram. Then all of the likes start rolling in. No one can resist a hilarious church sign. These are our favorites.

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Park at your own risk. LOL! We love, love, love it.

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Yes, they are. We're laughing and loving it at the same time.

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Amen! We're in tears over here. Truly.

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This church knows exactly how to get everyone's attention. Way to have some fun guys!

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It's official: Everyone's obsessed with Pokemon Go!

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LOL! You've been warned.

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Umm...whatever gets them through the door, right?

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We respect their honesty.

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Welp...things just got pretty personal. Best clapback ever!

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Best use of "cray cray" we've seen in years.

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Here's to hoping some of these obsessed Pokemon Go users actually looked up to see this one.

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Furry friends welcome here!

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Truth. Church signs were the original message of the day in 140 characters or less. LOL!

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Who's ready to "turnip" for Jesus?!

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Way to speak to the youth in a language they understand.

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Dessert for the soul anyone?

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Read of the day.

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Not it! Is it you?

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Who can resist a refund?

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Get it? "Son" Ha!

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Here's one friend request you're going to want to accept.

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Excuse us while we fall out of the chair laughing.

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Zombie obsession is officially everywhere!

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When the pastor is lit.

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When your church gets right to the point.

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This church has no time to play games.

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This might just be one of our favorites.

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This church is spreading love and laughs.

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When the church sign maker picks the absolute worst word to abbreviate on the sign.

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Beware: the pot is hot.


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