It is technically encouraging news that the number of American deaths projected has scaled down to somewhere between 60,000 to 80,000 Americans according to some models, down from the potential 200,000 to 1.7 million previous other models warned of. That’s still too many people — more than the victims of 9/11 and numerous wars launched in recent decades — in most cases combined. Yet, no matter how many people die from this, the larger story is that many of their deaths ought to be attributed directly to Donald Trump.

I feel so powerless in this situation, but I try to help where I can. I support the local restaurants owned by folks who look like me who are not only trying to survive as a business but are going out of their way to help hospital workers (some allow you to buy meals for first responders). I buy Korean fried chicken and select items from other Asian restaurants in response to racism from conservatives who seek to fault China and all Asians, no matter their nationality. I make donations to organizations and people where I can. I try to remember to write letters to my senators with the fury of an entitled suburban mom drunk off the power of her complexion and her third glass of Pinot Grigio. I would donate blood, but you know how CDC feels about practicing homosexuals giving blood. Maybe in a few months?

I also try to ask questions like why is the larger story in the press not that this idiot is trying to get us all killed?

Soledad O’Brien routinely questions why media outlets go out of their way to sanitize Trump’s abnormalities, for the sake of making him sound like a traditional president. I’m sure that helps those silly people convince themselves that this speaks to their “objectivity,” but like Trump on the job, it’s a dereliction of duty. Trump literally does not give a damn about whether most of us live or die. It is indicative in his lack of concern of the coronavirus pandemic outside of his strong holding press conferences about it in order to assuage his undying need for attention. 

Speaking of, on Sunday night Trump offered us a new prospective nightmare: the thought of him potentially axing Dr. Anthony Fauci. There are questions over his authority to do so without just cause, but does Donald Trump care about the law? I can’t bear to hear more sirens, but I guess I’ll soon learn to if this perpetual f*ck up has his way. 

What I won’t shake, though, is my irritation at how selective media can be about when they want to portray Trump a certain way others would describe as “presidential.” That or they pretend he has more power than he actually has.  Like his meaningless pledge to re-open the economy by May 1. No matter what arbitrary date Minute Maid Mao throws out, the governors he won’t bother helping much during a crisis are in control, not him.

This dumb man not knowing how to do his job is not an excuse for others to continue sucking at theirs, too.

Again, like Soledad O’Brien, I am fed up.

Trump is not a damn good storyteller. He is a fool who blabs at length and lies all the lil’ long day. If these people can pretend Trump isn’t just a goofy thot talking out the side of his neck per usual and continue to note his “sober/somber” tone in vain, they can start openly discussing Trump’s incompetence and sociopathy is causing people to die when they didn’t have to. There is an ample amount of evidence widely available to lend credence. 

I don’t seek eloquence in this essay. I merely want to convey my rage. I can’t think of a public figure that I have hated more than Donald Trump. I can’t think of any human being on the planet I loathe more than Donald Trump. Unfortunately, all I can really do is sit and stew in anger over this simpleton game show host white folks supported in order to feel better about being white because former President Obama’s fade and tan suits were so threatening or something who is trying to get us all killed.

Every single day moving forward, Trump needs to be asked if he has spoken to the families of the victims who have died? Every single time he decides to appear before the press to showboat during a pandemic whether he’s ever considered the people dying alone who will leave behind not only potentially irreparable trauma to those that they leave behind, but medical bills to boot? I would love for Trump to be asked if Kanye West, Stacey Dash, Diamond, Silk, or some other Black pet in his political stunt mental Rolodex asked him about the disproportionate amount of Black people dying from coronavirus. When he asked what Black people had to lose, who knew the cost would be this high?