Opinion: There Is No Reason To Fear Impeachment, Beloveds
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

In a private meeting with Democrats on Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly declared “we are ready” to begin a formal impeachment inquiry against that belligerent simpleton who spends most of his presidency golfing, having racist pep rallies, and live-tweeting FOX News. 

Although it took her a smooth while to land there, it’s lovely to find that Pelosi has she joined Al Green, no soul catalog, Maxine Waters, legendary auntie, and other progressive members of Congress on the right side of history. Nevertheless, she wants everyone to use their inside voices while doing so, cautioning members of her caucus: “Our tone must be prayerful, respectful, solemn, worthy of the Constitution.” If pretending to be very distraught about impeaching an egotistical criminal who routinely takes a piss on the Constitution and intentionally leaks some of it on Congress is the best way to politically damage Donald Trump, so be it. 

However, I was struck by Pelosi apparently saying to meeting attendees “The polls have changed drastically about this.”

Of course, they did. Donald Trump may be all the rage for vocal bigots, but most of the country is exhausted by Sweet Potato Saddam’s incessant need to suck the air out of the room. Moreover, most know that Trump is crooked, selfish, and bullish. That he would do anything to win. The Mueller Report didn’t do the Trump administration in, but it could have if Robert Mueller used declarative statements about Trump’s behavior in his report, or at the very least, the Democrats could have constructed an easily digestible narrative about Trump’s contempt for the law and why he needed to be removed from office.

But even in their failures to convince the masses, most Americans seem to have at least grasped that Trump moves in ways afoul of the norm and the law. In a new ABC News-Ipsos poll released on Sunday, half of Americans said they are “not surprised at all” to hear of Trump’s actions. An additional 32 percent said they are “not surprised.” With the Ukraine scandal and the whistleblower who made it so, Democrats are getting another opportunity with a much easier set up. 

While I pray the Democrats don’t find a way to mess this up once again, in the meantime, I’m confused by the Democrats who are fearing impeachment. 

Reuters spoke with one Hillary Clinton voter who made the following argument against Trump: “After this he has a much better chance of winning another election, as scary as that sounds. It’s not even worth following because it’s all going to help him.” 

They also quote Republicans claiming this will help them, but Republicans cannot be trusted so back to the scared Democrat.

Now, I’ve heard this often on television, but no one can explain to me how exactly impeachment benefits the president? Yes, some point to Bill Clinton and the blowback Republicans in Congress faced after a failed attempt to remove then-President Clinton from office, but Republicans won the presidency after that. Also, whereas Clinton’s issues were (wrongly in hindsight) regarded as “personal,” Trump is accused of strongarming a foreign country to legitimize a conspiracy theory about a political adversary to win reelection. Lying under oath about an affair and trying to punk the president of Ukraine are both bad things for presidents to do, but for numerous reasons, one is easier to make more politically damaging than the other.

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Even so, others worry that impeaching Trump “will rile up his base.”

Beloveds, Trump is a showboating narcissist that’s cultivated a cult following based on him seizing control of a racist Republican base cultivated over decades — a base who shares his hobbies of racism and tending to his victimization complex. Those people are going to be mad no matter what anyone does. Their whole existence is tied up into being mad at nonwhite people because white supremacy could only do so much to bolster them and their white mediocrity. Instead of actually being mad at the people and the policies that have dampened their well being, they’d rather be fed racist bedtime stories because somehow feeling good about being white is a way to feel less upset about being broke. 

We know this because even in victory, look at how the deplorables are behaving. All these viral videos showing some ridiculous white person acting up with someone Black at a Walgreens or Walmart. The rise in antisemitism. The surge into anti-LGBTQ violence since the start of Real Estate Hitler’s administration. The radicalized white men with access who shoot at all of us thanks to their easy access to guns.

Those people are going to be riled up no matter what, so although it is dangerous for Trump to be invoking talks of Civil War should he be removed from office, the idea that the best way to deal with it is to not antagonize that side is nonsensical. So is the worry that even if Trump were removed, Mike Pence would be far worse as president. We already effectively know what a Pence administration would look like because they both appease the same white evangelical base that cares less about Jesus and more about a policy that maintains a white male patriarchal power structure. 

So instead of worrying about impeachment, people should sit back and enjoy it. Let Rudy Guiliani continue to make a fool of himself on television. Let Stephen Miller, ghoul, stumble over his words on Fox News of all places. Let Trump continue to tweet through, sinking himself lower and lower.

It doesn’t mean he will actually be removed from office, but contrary to popular belief, Trump does not do well when challenged. His favorability ratings are at his highest when he’s bringing less attention to himself. He’s historically unpopular because he can’t shut up. Sure, racism has kept him afloat, but there are plenty of other bigots in the sea. And for the millionth time, contrary to popular belief, Trump is not some Machiavellian-like fixture.

He’s a crafty scammer to be sure, but he won more or less because James Comey decided to negate the impact of the Access Hollywood tapes by revisiting Hillary Clinton’s nonexistent email scandal. And while it’s ironic the use of a private server could conceivably end Trump’s presidency, or at the very least, doom his plans for a four year extension of it, either way, for a very long time, that “hoodlum” as Maxine Waters correctly categorizes him, has been getting away with everything.

Now, he’s finally being held accountable, it’s only going to get worse for him from here on out. That’s not to be feared, but to be enjoyed.