Judge Tammy Kemp: ‘I Wouldn’t Be Getting This Criticism If Miss Guyger Were A Black Woman‘
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Over two weeks ago, former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was found guilty of murdering her neighbor, Botham Jean, after allegedly mistaking his apartment for hers. Guyger received a paltry sentence of 10 years and many questioned the jury and their motives in not giving her more time—and many questioned the actions from Judge Tammy Kemp.

Shortly after the tears started streaming from Guyger’s eyes, those in the courtroom witnessed members of Jean’s family forgiving Guyger. And to the shock of the world, the judge presiding over the trial came down from her stand and gave Guyger a hug.

On the heels of making a spectacle out of herself, and what some calls a mockery of the court, Judge Tammy Kemp is now making the media rounds and has tried to explain why she gave Guyger a hug.

In an interview with CNN, Kemp explained that it would have been rude if she gave the Jean family hugs and not Guyger. But what was most interesting about her interview is the fact that Kemp pulled out her own version of the race card in response to the backlash she’s received.

 “Frankly, I don’t think I would be getting this criticism if Miss Guyger were a Black woman. I hate that we limit our compassion to one race,” Kemp said.

Who Does Kemp Think Is Worthy Of Hugs?

In regards to Kemp’s comments about extending compassion to one race, one has to wonder how many hugs she’s handed out to Black murderers in her court? Or maybe even Black people who committed simple crimes, take for example shoplifting?

A couple of years ago, a Black woman, who happened to be destitute, appeared in Judge Kemp’s court. This woman was charged with pilfering gift cards from a popular department store because she couldn’t afford gifts for her children. Even though Judge Kemp knew this woman couldn’t afford to bail herself out, Kemp didn’t give the woman a hug, but a $10,000 bond.

That woman probably could have used a hug.

It’s amazing that Kemp doesn’t see the optics involved in a judge, who should be biased, is now handing out hugs to a white woman who killed a Black man. I’d like to ask Kemp when was the last time she saw a Black person receive a hug from a white judge?

Compassion is something that is not afforded to Black people who don’t commit crimes, and it shouldn’t be afforded to a white murderer.