Zuri Tibby Becomes Victoria’s Secret First-Ever Black Spokesmodel for PINK
Michael Stewart

It was only a month ago that Zuri Tibby was named the new face of Victoria’s Secret — and now the 20-year-old beauty has made history as the lingerie brand’s first-ever African-American spokesmodel for its tredny PINK collection. 

In an industry that has struggled when it comes to inclusion — and only very recently began to make noticeable strides in diversity — this is a big step for so many reasons.

We’ve seen only a handful of successful Black models within the most recent years. And the faces who have been successful are often representative of “exotic” beauty standards (read: lighter skin, looser curls, mixed ethnicity, etc) that don’t always reflect the wide range of beauty that women of color exhibit.

So, it is not only Tibby’s ascent to spokesmodel status that’s epic, but it’s also her beautifully deep skin tone and girl-next-door looks that make this a huge feat — and a magical moment for young Black girls everywhere.


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Tibby opened up about what it means to be the first Black spokesmodel for the brand and ultimately a role model.

“It feels really amazing,” Zuri told Cosmopolitan.com. “Joining such an amazing brand is such an honor. It’s really cool to see everything coming together in my career.”

“I feel very proud and honored that a lot of other women of color look up to me,” Zuri added. “It’s so important to inspire people. When young girls look at magazines and advertisements, it’s important to see girls that look like them. It’s very encouraging.”

Tibby also shared her thoughts on hair — stressing the importance and the beauty of Black women embracing their natural coils.

“Natural hair is something everyone should embrace,” Zuri said. “It’s celebrated more now than it ever has been before.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Here’s to hoping that this is only the beginning of a major shift in the fashion community. Congratulations, Zuri!