Zoe Saldana on Sexuality: ‘I Might End Up with a Woman’
Kevin Winter & Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images

Zoe Saldana raised more than a few eyebrows this week when she revealed that although she’s dated men in the past, she could totally see herself being with a woman. “[I might] end up with a woman raising my children,” the 34-year-old actress said for the cover story of Allure. “That’s how androgynous I am.”

Saldana further explained her position during a red carpet interview at the premiere of Star Trek Into the Darkness in Hollywood last night. “It wasn’t a generalization,” she told HollyScoop. “It was a statement that I strongly stand by. As of today, I’ve been attracted to the male species, but if one day I wake up and want to be with a woman, I will do that because it is my life, therefore it is my decision.”

Saldana recently dated actor Bradley Cooper, and prior to that dated former actor Keith Britton for three years.

So has she had a relationship with a woman before? “Promise me one thing,” she tells Allure. “You’re going to ask this question [in the article]—if you choose to, just put three dots as my response. That’s it.”

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