What Your Sheets Say About How You Sleep
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A good night’s sleep can be everything and so often the type of sheets we lie down on have a tremendous impact on just how well you’ll sleep.

Interior designer Tiffany Brooks knows all about what your sheet style says about you and how well rested you’ll be, so we asked for her simple guide to sheet shopping for grown women.

Brooks told ESSENCE that when shopping to spruce up your bedroom interior, you should purchase sheets based on the seasons. 

“There definitely is a difference between summer and winter sheets,” she notes. “The summer sheets, you always have to look at the natural versus synthetic count. Typically, the packaging will distinguish between ’cool sheets’ or ‘warm sheets’. Definitely go with something that’s more natural and avoid synthetic, always.”

To test the feeling of your sheet appeal, the HGTV Design Star winner says all it takes is a touch of the cheek. 

“I pay attention to how it feels on my cheeks. That’s my indicator test of all tests!”

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Avoiding that heat radiating sheet means saying no to a silk sheet. While they may look good, they aren’t the easiest—or coolest—way to get some Zs. 

“Always stay away from the silk sheets because they seem to be woven a little bit tighter and they’ll trap heat.”

A suggestion Brooks offers to getting the sex appeal of silk while remaining cool during the night is to say no to the sheets and yes to the pillow cases. 

“What you can do to kind of induce that feel is get some silk pillow cases. You get them in the same color and that way you’re introducing some interest and some texture. So while you’re buying the cotton breathable sheets that say cool on them, try to vary it up a little bit by getting some silk to some satin pillow cases.”

Here’s eliminating sheets that bring the heat!