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You Won’t Believe What This Husband Revealed On 'Family Feud'

Watch what happened when Family Feud contestant Kevin was asked the question, “What’s the last thing you stuck your finger in?”

Meet Kevin, the Family Feud contestant who recently left host Steve Harvey speechless after giving a risqué and rather unexpected answer to an innocent question on the popular game show.

 “What’s the last thing you stuck your finger in?” Harvey asked.

Kevin hesitated briefly, looked guiltily toward his wife Ryan and replied, “My wife, Steve.” The crowd erupted with laughter as Harvey paused for nearly 30 seconds before responding. His wife shook off the embarrassment, gave him a high five and cheered on his big reveal. He later whispered, “I’m sorry baby.” Kevin’s answer was not on the board but the rest of his family applauded his efforts just the same.

Well, Kevin certainly gets points for creativity.

What would you do if your husband revealed an intimate detail of your marriage on national TV?