Natural vs. relaxed “hair wars” has been an ongoing issue within our community, but is it really necessary? We asked you to weigh in on our social media channels to get your opinion on the age-old issue.

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welcome2lencilland #teamrelaxed tried #teamnatural for 9 months…Ugh…just couldn’t do it. #teamitried

chikabaybe Relaxed. Tried going natural and I cried likes baby

trulysylvia Without a doubt. I only get two relaxers a year, so I have ample time to experience the best of both worlds. I love how manageable my hair is when it’s relaxed. I also adore how full & strong my hair is when I’m between touch-ups. And my hair grows soooooo much faster this way

p3arliepoo Team creamy crack

Meredith McCurdy I work in corporate America, sorry but Team Relaxed is more acceptible than Team Natural, in some instances (I said “some” so don’t comment your hate toward me). I tried the natural approach and it just didn’t work for me. Team pressing comb or Team relaxer is where I stand on this issue.

joyelle1 Both. When asked why I relax my hair, my answer is simply, “Because I can!” I love being versatile.


coilydivas You can have the best of both worlds with #teamnatural. Embrace your kinks or swing your hair with a blowout. We strive to encourage women to love their hair’s versatility and beauty.

trappersalley I wear my hair both straight and curly. I’ve never had a perm.

a.f.shirey08 I love how fast my fine hair has grown since I’ve not been getting relaxers, but I love how easy it is to wash and roll it with a relaxer…

hey_jess86 I’ve been natural for over a year now it’s not as bad as I thought it would be!!

girlwithnocable I mean the question was is there a team natural vs team relaxed and the answer is yes. Should there be? no. But I think essence was just trying to get the convo started not really put one against each other. I agree to each their own! I think both relaxed and natural hair is beautiful. But for me personal the journey is more than hair. It’s about self awareness, love and not letting the media and European standards of beauty define ME. So in that aspect, yes I am #teamnatural but also #teamblackgirlsrock #teamblackgirlmagic and #teamblackpower

Karen Smith Natural and gray love it

1tombi Relaxed about being Natural…


kcharisebk Team whatever works for you. There should be no debate. #teamhealthyhair

sadakopointer I feel like they are both beautiful, there’s a time and a place for them both. It all depends on how you want to represent your beauty that day.

Sharon Harrold What ever works for you. Both styles requires work and care

Zi McKenzie How about team United!!! Freedom to do you!!!

Frenchesca Marshall To each her own

kelliebrocks My hair is natural but I don’t consider myself on “a team” because of my choice. To my sistahs: wear your crown however you choose. We are on the same team!