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Year in Review: Beauty Moments We'll Never Forget

From Korean beauty to celebrity makeup launches and buzz-worthy moments, we recount the key happenings in beauty this year and everything in between.
Year in Review: Beauty Moments We’ll Never Forget
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Dear 2015,

I don’t know many people who can launch new collections and pull off the latest makeup trends at the same time, but you did it successfully, and we’re taking notes.

You began the first part of your year with a groundbreaking series of the top digital influencers recreating legendary beauty photos of black history icons. The #WeAreBlackHistory project celebrated positive and uplifting voices in the digital community while paying respect to Black History. It was amazing.

Then, Viola Davis shared the ultimate beauty tip: Crisco cures bunions! Who knew? When April rolled around Beyoncé’s makeup artist, Sir John joined L’Oréal, and surprisingly told VOGUE he had “no knowledge of what mascara was” until a few years ago.

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And speaking of Beyonce, thanks for allowing us to try NCLA’s nail wraps inspired by videos from her visual album or iconic performances from 2014. Also, just when we couldn’t get enough of H&M, you introduced us to the retailer’s beauty line and the Balmain limited edition H&M fragrance.

When Iman turned 60 this year, you showed us that age is only a number and growing older is all about how you feel. And, being the Renaissance woman that she is, she also helped Jay Manuel launch a makeup line that we spotted all over fashion week. You also launched Pat McGrath’s gold makeup that has as all trying gilded brows overnight.

2015, you were the year of social media campaigns and one of our favorites was the #FlexinMyComplexion movement. Women aired their frustration and brought diversity to mainstream media with the hashtag #FlexinMyComplexion. According to Buzzfeed, the hashtag was inspired by artist and activist, Kameelah Janan Rasheed. Thank you for bringing her to the limeline and inspiring her to bring forth change.

Perhaps the biggest moment you had this year, was the launch of the ESSENCE Beautybox which aims to introduce Black women to innovative and black owned beauty products. 2015, you are the cool girl of the decade.

All the Best,