In the wake of the recent devastating natural disaster that struck Haiti, musician, humanitarian and Haitian native Wyclef Jean called for a mass exodus of Haiti’s capital, Port Au Prince. “If I tell them to go, they will go,” The musician and humanitarian said. “But they need somewhere to go to.” Through tears Wyclef addressed his Haitian people in Creole and then translated saying, “I do not cry for myself; I cry for them,” referring to the Haitian people. “I tell them, just permit us a little time.” The press conference was held for Wyclef to address allegations that his non-profit organization, Yele Haiti, misappropriated its funds and. “Did I ever use Yele money for personal benefits? Absolutely not,” Jean said. “Yele’s books are open and transparent, and we have a clean bill of health by an external auditor every year since we started.” Non-profit experts said the only major thing Yele Haiti is guilty of is failing to file taxes in three years, CNN reported. Wyclef Jean along with actor/activist George Clooney and UNICEF will host a “Hope for Haiti” Telethon on Friday January 22 Last week Wyclef spoke out about the disaster in his native Haiti Read a first-hand account of the aftermath of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday January 12