Would You Try Hair Tattoos?

Getting a tattoo on your body isn’t an easy feat. First you have to decide what to get, and then you actually have to go through with it and hope that you’ll like it in 6 months. When flash tattoos entered the scene we all rejoiced—we could finally wear a stylish tatt without the commitment! Well now, thanks to Scünci, you can wear the trend in your hair.

Similar to the popular flash tatt, Scünci offers temporary metallic hair and body tattoos that come with two sheets of gold and silver designs. And thankfully, applying (and removing) the tattoo appliqués is just as easy as the ones for your body. Simply apply the decorative decal, strategically place it on your hair (straight hair works best) and apply water. Easy!

How to Perfect Your Ponytail

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The tattoos last until your next wash day, or if you’re tired of it before then you can brush it out. Each tattoo is $4.99 and are available at Ulta.com.

Would you try the trend?