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Would You Tell A Friend You Suspect Her Husband Is Cheating?

Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams made shocking allegations against Cynthia Bailey’s husband on RHOA last night. Would you have gone there?

On last night’s episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta the situation became pretty intense when Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams accused Cynthia Bailey of being a mean girl and her husband Peter Bailey of stepping out on her a time or two.

In response to Bailey bringing up rumors that Parks had cheated on her incarcerated husband, Apollo Nida, the ladies decided to dish on Thomas and Bailey’s so-called “dirt” too.

“I know stuff about both of them,” said Parks. “If I say half of the stuff I know about her, it would be quite not nice.”

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Both women sat in front of the cameras and spoke about Thomas’ alleged infidelity as if it were common knowledge and the truth. If it is true, and Bailey didn’t already know, she sure does now – along with the rest of the world. Yikes. To diffuse the issue, Thomas immediately took to Twitter to defend himself, tweeting: “The sh*t these women makeup to deflect WTF is happening in their lives is funny as hell. My marriage is solid. Can’t say the same for them.”

Accusing another woman’s husband of infidelity is a big deal. Are Parks and Williams playing with fire or keeping it real? While some women would agree that a woman should be told if her man is cheating, others often say that it’s just best to stay out of other grown folks’ business. Where do you stand on this one? Take our poll and lets discuss below.

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