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Would You Date a Man With a Violent Past?

As rumors of a romantic reunion between Rihanna and Chris Brown persist, we ask: Could you do it?
Would You Date a Man With a Violent Past?
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This week, notorious exes Chris Brown and Rihanna made headlines together once again. After the pair was spotted looking romantically involved on numerous occasions, news broke yesterday morning that Brown had officially split from girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Brown even released an odd breakup video of sorts online, in which he was shown intoxicated, seemingly confused and confessed that he still loves both women.

Brown and Rihanna split suddenly in February of 2009 when he was arrested for brutally assaulting the starlet after a heated argument took place between them. The two kept their distance for some time, and then slowly became friends again, exchanging birthday wishes on Twitter and collaborating on a remix to her hit song “Birthday Cake.” Rihanna recently appeared on Oprah’s Next Chapter to address their relationship, saying that she still cared for him and wished him the best. A tweet posted yesterday by Rihanna that read, “Ain’t nobody bidness….. But mine and my baby!” has many believing she and Brown are now officially an item again.

While much of the internet is buzzing about whether Brown cheated on Tran with Rihanna or not, and the absurdity of his video message, we’d like to pose a different question to our readers: Would you, or could you, date a man with a violent past like Brown’s? Many questioned why Tran would get involved with Brown to begin with, while “team Breezy” supporters continue to say that people can and do change, and everyone, including Brown, deserves a second chance. What do you think? Real talk: Ladies, could you ever give a man with a history of violence toward women a second chance at love with you? Or worse, would you reunite with a lover who was convicted of assaulting you once before? Let’s discuss.

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